2012 Nationals – Day 3

The last day of the Pokemon TCG and VG Nationals took place today in Indy, crowning first time National Champs in each age group.  Some very familiar names to us were still in the mix today as several Virginia and North Carolina players battled their way into Worlds invites and paid trips to Hawaii.  The Fincastle Gym team did some spectating at the VG Finals and then a little shopping before bidding Indy farewell.


As we’ve told many of you at league, the VG matches are really cool to watch. They set up a few games each round and then the final matches so that they are broadcast of large TV screens.  They have theater-style fan seating around the TV’s with the players seated in closed off areas.  As the final matches approach, large crowds gather and backers of the individual competitors cheer, applaud and carry on as if they were watching a boxing match or something similar.  It makes for a very exciting atmosphere.

Masters Finalists

Yesterday’s update went a little long, so I did not get a chance to recognize the weekend’s true warrior.  Gym Leader Marthe took on 2 days of being a runner for the Masters blue flight (1 of the 2 Masters groups).  Marthe put in 2 10-hour days, only to follow up each evening by competing in the Professor Cup.  This year’s Cup had the following rules.  The approved sets were Call of Legends to present.  The special rule for this year was “No Basics”.  Anything, including the EX guys, that was a Basic Pokemon was not allowed.  That meant that Stage 1 Pokemon were to be played down as Basics and you could evolve them to Stage 2 Pokemon.

Marthe chose the “Round” Pokemon, meaning Seismitoad/Wigglytuff.  We tested lots of ideas, like Hippowdon/Archeops, Cofagrigus variants and a Conkledurr-tank idea.  “Round” seemed to be the most consistent, so she chose that.  One problem….you still had to evolve to Seismitoad.  Everyone played Archeops to prevent evolving and that plagued her all through the event.  After the first day, Marthe was 2-2.  However, as she hit the tougher competition on Saturday, she could not overcome the “evolution-lock”.  She finished up 2-5, but still had fun competing and got some cool rewards for being a Professor.

We are on our way back to the metropolis of Fincastle.  We have some cool prizes in tow that will surface when we have our next Gym tournament (we have no idea on a date yet, but will start working on that when we get back).  We also heard that many places at home, including the library where we host league are still without power.  Hopefully all will be restored soon.  We have lots to catch up on at our next league meeting, which will take place next week at the usual time.  Don’t forget to check back this week as we share our Nats lists and discuss their strengths and weaknesses.  We will try to add Gym Leader Logan’s battle video as well, we’re still having technical difficulties that we can’t fix from the hotel.

That brings this weekend to an END  (hehe…. get it?) …. come by league and we’ll give you the details BEHIND the story…… we’ll definitely get to the BOTTOM of any questions you have…. ..BUTT wait….(I’m trying to think of another one)….we have lots of TAILS to tell….. make sure you get there in time for a SEAT…….alright, one more…… this weekend sure was a GAS…….. ok, I’m done.


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