Gym Leader Logan Set To Return To World Championships!

It is official….. finally!  In the week that followed the National Championships, Play!Pokemon updated the point totals and standings.  We knew where Logan stood at that point, but because of how close it was for him, we patiently awaited the finalization of the rankings and the receipt of his invitation.  We received notice on Monday, that Logan was set to return and take on the World in the Pokemon Trading Card Game!  Logan will travel to Waikoloa, Hawaii, over the weekend of August 10th-12th to challenge for lots of awesome prizes, including scholarships worth up to $10,000 for the winner.  Logan’s journey towards this goal has been a long one and not without a little stress along the way.  However, when it counted, his experience proved valuable and ultimately earned him the invite.  Win or lose, it will be an unforgettable experience for Logan.

Under this season’s Championship Point system, points were awarded to the top finishers at Premier tournaments throughout the year.  Based on points earned up through the National Championships, World Championship invitations were extended to the top players in four different “zones” designated by Pokemon.  Invitations by zone break down like this:

  • Asia/Pacific Zone:  10
  • Europe:  50
  • North America:  40
  • Latin America:  5

In addition to these invitations in each age division, additional players were able to qualify by placing in the top spots at their respective National Championships.

Logan finished with 61 Championship Points.  His efforts landed him in the 38th position in North America.  He cleared a 3-way tie for 39th-41st place by a single point!  Wow, that was close.  Weeks prior to Nationals, Logan defeated National Championship Finalist, Jonathan C at our Battle Roads, only to have the game erased as the tournament software crashed and the event had to be replayed, resulting in a last round defeat to Jonathan.  At Nationals, Logan missed an amazing comeback in his last game by a turn and missed the top cut of 32.  Entry into the cut would’ve vaulted his position fro 38th to somewhere in the 20’s.  The margin for error has been very small all season for players in every age division.  See what we mean when we say the last month has been a little stressful?  Maybe more for us than for him…. but the cards literally fell as they would and he made it.

Despite a few close calls at the end of this season, Logan had an amazing year.  His run was highlighted by a 2nd Place finish at the Fall Regional Championship.  Logan won 2 City Championships, while placing 2nd in 3 others.  He won 6 Battle Roads tournaments while taking 2nd Place in another.  Logan picked up additional points at the State Championships (2 7th Place finishes), at Nationals (40th) and by placing in additional Cities and Battle Roads.  Compared to last year, Logan played in and won more events this year than last.  However, under the new system, it was difficult to keep pace with competitors who appeared to be able to enter every event possible.  The level of competition in Virginia and North Carolina (where we play) is very high, making it difficult to win multiple events.  We feel that even though Logan had to “claw” his way in on points, the experience he picked up will benefit him as he takes his game to Worlds.  Logan joins fellow Virginian, Jonathan C and North Carolina’s, Blaine H, as competitors in this year’s event.  Jonathan gained entry by a run to the final match at Nationals, picking up an automatic invite.  Blaine dominated the Junior Division all year, finishing the season as the 9th ranked player in North America.

Logan has picked up some nice bonuses along the way this season.  He earned $600, paid out as travel allowances.  Logan brought home over 200 booster packs as prizes (at over $4/pack, that’s not too shabby, either).  He earned several trophies and Victory Medal cards.  He also brought home some cool promo items (binders, playmats, deck boxes, hats, etc.).  As always, he has shared the majority of the cards and promo items won with our league.  The cards are given out weekly to everyone who comes to league and the promo items are stockpiled until we have enough to supply our own tournaments at the Gym (speaking of which…. we need to have another one soon).

As both parents and fellow players, the Gym Leaders are very proud of Logan’s accomplishments.  Logan is the engine that drives our league.  If there are such things as “underdogs” or “dark horses” at events as huge as the World Championships, we feel Logan may lead that pack.  He has taken on and mastered more different style decks in the past months than many Masters players could handle.  Experimenting with different decks may have cost him a few points along the way.  However, he has a huge “arsenal” to choose from and if he chooses wisely, we like his chances.

As the World Championships draw closer, we will update details as we get them.  We know last year that Pokemon posted live updates on standings and brackets during the tournament.  We hope that is in the works again this year.  Keep an eye out in the Botetourt View and local papers for additional coverage of his journey.  Way to go, Logan!  Stay tuned!


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