Promos and Prizes Available at the Gym

Since the Fincastle Pokemon Gym’s beginning, we have accumulated quite a long list of promo cards from Play!Pokemon.  Each new season brings 2 new promo cards, usually a combination of a Pokemon and either a trainer card or energy card.  So far, it has been a pretty good mix of cards that are very useful to those that play competitively and cards that are just cool to collect.  Because of the sheer numbers available at the time of release, the cards may not be the most valuable cards in circulation.  However, as time passes, some of these cards may become very valuable as collector items or cards that are reprinted in later sets.  The Gym Leaders make every effort to keep trainers at the Gym supplied with cards that are playable for the current Modified Format.  With that in mind, we have rotated out league promo cards that will be lost in the coming rotation by Play!Pokemon to the Black & White-on format.  We have not updated the list of promos for a while.  So, here is what is currently available at the Gym.

Every game you play during league play earns you a mark on the league scorecard.  Once you fill up a row on the card, you get the promo card of your choice.  Once the card is full, you get the season item.  The current rewards for completing the season card are Unova Region themed badges.  As an added feature (and only at the Gym), you get a booster pack from one of the most recent sets upon completing the scorecard within the season.  Don’t forget that each week you attend, you also get a “pull” from our binder (another “also only at the Gym”).  Each pull is a matched set, usually of 3-4 Basic Pokemon and 2-3 of their Evolutions.  There are also sets of trainer item/supporter cards and sets of good starter/support Pokemon.  From time to time, you may get lucky and pull a set with a stage 2 Pokemon included.  On top of all of that, whenever you complete two rows on the card, you are eligible to sign up for a Gym Leader challenge.

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The Fincastle Gym is one of (if not the) only leagues to offer the Gym Leader Challenge.  When you earn a challenge, you may sign up to challenge the Gym Leader of your choice.  We have one for each type (except “colorless”) and each Gym Leader’s deck is a single type deck (Grass, Dark, Fire, etc.).  If you defeat that Leader, you earn a badge specific to that Leader.  Up until now, we have used the 2009 Energy Season badges.  However, we have almost completed the production of our first custom-made Gym Leader badges, designed by one of our own trainers, Kelli B.  A victory earns you the badge and a place on our “Wall of Fame” (and some pretty good bragging rights, to boot).

As you can see, we have a lot of cool things to offer.  Several of our features at the Gym are things that are not available in any other league in the country.  Come on by and play and see what you get.  You never know what you’ll leave with, but we’re pretty sure you’ll have a good time.  See you at the Gym.


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