Logan Ready for Worlds, Get Ready for Events in Our Area

The Fincastle Gym Leaders have transformed our home into quite the testing center over the last few weeks.  We feel that the best way to help Logan prepare for Worlds is to throw a little of everything at him.  We have built the most popular decks in the format as well as some interesting rogues for him to practice against.  We have created some interesting deck ideas in the process.  Perhaps when the World Championships are done, we will share some details on decks we tested, decks we almost took to Worlds and the decks that we actually played.   While it may not quite look like Professor Oak’s lab, we have stacks of cards, deck lists and even charts to track the performance of the different decks laying around.  Despite the fact the we are very busy preparing, we know there is not much going in organized play at the moment.  However, as we cross over into August, all of that is about to change.  Here’s what is coming soon in this area.

Pre-releases for the new Dragons Exalted set are underway.  The Gym Leaders are unfortunately going to miss most of these events, as they coincide with Logan’s voyage to Worlds.  These tournaments will take place over the next few weekends throughout Virginia and North Carolina.  We hope to enter one in Hawaii, but do not know the schedule of events out there yet.  When we return, the Fincastle Gym will host its own Dragons Exalted event on Sunday, August 19th at the Fincastle Community Center.  Registration will begin at noon.  Our event is technically not a “pre-release” as the set goes on sale that week.  However, our sealed event, like the releases, is still one of the most affordable ways to get your hands on a lot of the new cards.  For lists of the VA and NC events, check the links at the bottom of this post.

For only the second time since the creation of our league, Fincastle will host a Premier event.  On Sunday, September 16th, we will host a Autumn Battle Roads tournament.  Registration for the tournament is from noon-1pm at the Fincastle Community Center with play beginning shortly after.  Just as a reminder, all Premier tournaments are free to enter and all of the 2012-2013 events will be in the new Modified Format (Black & White and newer sets).  There are additional tournaments within driving distance in both VA and NC (check the links).

If you have any questions about any of the above, email us at fincastlepokemon@gmail.com and we will elaborate on whatever you are not sure about.  If you are interested in attending any of the nearby events, check with us as to which ones we are planning to attend.  We have a few extra seats in our cars and are glad to help with transportation to the tournaments (trainers, have your parents contact us if you are interested).

Stay tuned over the weekend of August 10th and see how Logan fairs against the best in the world.  The Gym Leaders will also be trying to “grind” our way in the last chance qualifier event on that Friday, so who knows….. maybe one of us will get lucky!  Last year, Pokemon.com set up a World Championships page with lots of photos and info on the events, including live updates on players’ records and standings.  That page is not up and running yet, so just check the above link for now until they have that page going.  Logan is grateful for all the support he has received…. so check in and cheer him on!

There will be league this Sunday, August 5th (thank you Bowen family!).  We will not have league the following Sunday (August 12th)… and as mentioned, the following Sunday (19th) will be our release event in place of league.  Stay tuned and see you at the Gym!

For info on Virginia events, check:


For info on North Carolina events, check:




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