Dragons Exalted Pre-Release Cancelled.

The Pre-Release event for this Sunday, 8/19/2012, is unfortunately cancelled.  The new set, Dragons Exalted, contains some very sought after cards and the return of several very popular pokemon characters to the TCG.  From what we have heard, pre-release tournaments across Virginia and North Carolina have had amazing turnouts, with unexpected numbers of players at several events.  This is great new for the TCG in general.  However, the bad news is that the supply that was allotted for our event has been consumed entirely over the last two weeks of events in North Carolina.  As we were the last stop on the circuit for

I want my pokemon…..

the organizer, he does not have any product left to run our event.  We will still have league at our normal time this Sunday at the Fincastle Library.  We apologize for the disappointment for any who planned to attend.  It is unfortunately out of our control (and believe me, we are very disappointed as well).  Come on by the Gym anyway and have fun playing in our league.  Battle Roads tournaments are approaching fast, so don’t wait too late to start testing out your deck ideas under the new format.  There’s no better place than the Gym to do so!  See you Sunday at the Gym!


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