Fincastle Battle Roads Breaks Attendance Record!

This Sunday, the Fincastle Gym hosted its second Battle Roads tournament ever in the metropolis of Fincastle.  Turnout for the event topped all of the previous tournaments and pre-releases that we’ve hosted both here and in Roanoke.  We had 20 juniors, 14 seniors and 10 masters for a grand total of 44!  I think we had one spare chair in the building, so I’d say we were pretty close to capacity.  Thanks to everyone who came out.  In addition to great attendance, we boasted some great competition as well, especially in the senior division.  Our seniors division had three competitors fresh off of trips to the 2012 World Championships (where all three did very well) as well as several of the Gym’s top trainers.  Several of these matches were better quality contests than the games the NFL put out there Sunday afternoon (especially for poor Jets fans like us).  Onto the results.

The Junior Division held its own on the competition front.  The field of 20 played 5 rounds with no top cut.  Top cuts have been removed, from Battle Roads only, for this season in an effort to cut down on the length of the events.  As the rounds progressed, three juniors carried their undefeated records onto a collision course with one another.  Round 4 saw the first showdown between undefeated players Noah B and Megan M.  Since I was still playing in the Masters Division, I don’t have details of the match, but Megan pulled out the victory in what sounded like a close game.  Megan took her 4-0 record into the final round to decide the event against 4-0 Georgia H, who cruised smoothly through the previous rounds, commanding her deck on a level we had not seen from the 7-year-old yet.  This would have been a great one to have on video.  The two exchanged KO’s, countering each others strategies back and forth.  Georgia had the game in hand, needing only to dig out her last “Catcher” to get around Megan’s Sigilyph “wall” and finish off a damaged Darkrai EX.  However, over the last two turns she couldn’t find the card she needed and Megan got the last KO.  What a great match by both players!  Tiebreak % placed Noah in 2nd place and Georgia in 3rd.  A last round victory added Jordan L to the 4-1 finishers allowing him to claim 4th place.  All four players took home championship points and booster packs in addition to the Victory Cup cards claimed by 1st-3rd.

The Senior Division saw many of the Gym’s hopefuls come face to face with some of the best players on this side of the country.  While the experience is great for our trainers, it did not leave them much margin for error, as this field had experience against the best in the world.  The seniors played 4 rounds.  Early rounds paired several of the best against each other, forcing several players out of contention early.  The last round was highlighted by a showdown between Jonathan C and the Gym’s own Brycen F.  Brycen played a strong game, but Jonathan’s experience showed, as he was very precise in his decisions, eventually besting Brycen and claiming 1st place.  By virtue a the 2nd tiebreaker (opponents’ opponents’ win %), Tracy R (3-1) nudged her way into 2nd place, landing Brycen (3-1) in 3rd place and Henry R (3-1) in 4th.    Great job to all the seniors.  If any of you wanted to know what it is like to play at Nationals…. you just got a pretty good taste of it!  Our room is just about 200 times smaller.

The Master Division was pretty much owned by Mike R.  The masters played 4 rounds.  Gym Leader Joel lost his opening round match against Crystal O in a very close game decided by a game winning coin flip from Crystal.  Crystal fell in the next round to Kendall L, who in turn fell to Mike in the final round match between the only two undefeated players remaining.  Joel had a strong deck match-up against Mike, but never the two never met due to the opening round loss by Joel.  When the smoke was clear, Mike (4-0) claimed 1st, Kendall (3-1) 2nd, Joel (3-1) 3rd and Raven M (2-2) 4th.  Great job to all the masters!

Thanks again to all who came out for the tournament.  The day was filled with great matches and we wish we could tell you about them all.  We are thrilled with the turnout.  We have not worked out the details, but we hope to host one of our own “house tournaments” at the library sometime in the next few weeks.  We have accumulated some awesome prizes and would like to hold the event prior to the Autumn Regional Championships as a “warm-up” of sorts.  Stay tuned and we will post details as soon as we can put them together.  See you this Sunday at the Gym (at our regular time back at the library)!

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