Fincastle Gym Tournament Next Sunday, 10/07/12!

We’ve been talking about it and have finally had a spare moment to get our act together, so here we go.  As the Gym Leaders hit the year’s biggest events over this past summer, we managed to accumulate a nice collection of prize materials.  Logan and Georgia have both had strong starts in their respective divisions this season, with Georgia winning a Battle Roads while placing in three others and Logan winning one and taking third place in another.  This means prizes for them, which translates into additional prizes for the league.  We’ve organized our pile and are now ready to pass some good stuff onto you.  The Fincastle Gym will host a tournament next Sunday (10/7/12) at the Fincastle Library.  Registration will take place from 1:00pm – 2:00pm and play will start shortly after.  This event will be run just like the Battle Roads tournament that many of you just attended.  It will be in the current Modified Format and you will need deck lists to register.  This event is FREE to enter and is a great chance to get some really cool stuff.

Lets talk prizes! Attendance willing, we will have prizes available for all three age divisions.  Prizes in each age group will break down like this:

  • 1st Place – World Championship Deck Box + 4 booster packs (Dark Explorers)
  • 2nd place – Play!Pokemon Playmat + 3 booster packs (Dark Explorers)
  • 3rd Place – Play!Pokemon Hat + 2 booster packs (Dark Explorers)

In addition to the top prizes, we will have door prizes that include a pretty nice variety of deck boxes, posters, theme decks, World Championship promo items and Pokemon themed books.  We cannot guarantee something for everyone, but we will hopefully have enough for you to get something if you attend.  Like the Battle Roads tournament, the number of rounds will depend on attendance and we will not have a top cut.  We do not anticipate the event running much longer than our normal league hours.

If anyone has questions, see us at league tomorrow.  We will be glad to assist you with improving existing decks or building new ones.  We will have blank deck lists available as well as instructions about how to use an online deck list creator.  If you cannot make to league tomorrow but have any question, email us at:  See you at the Gym!


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