Gym Leader Georgia – The Dragon-Type Apprentice

Ok folks, she’s got new dragon scale patterned sleeves…. she’s got her game face on….. she’s got a dog food bowl on her head….. we think she is ready to take on your challenges.  Be afraid…..!  7-year-old Georgia is joining the Gym Leader ranks at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym.  Her first role will be as the Dragon-type leader/apprentice and she will be available for challenges starting this Sunday.  Georgia has been playing the Pokemon TCG since she was 5 and has had her share of ups and downs in competitive play.  Georgia has 2 City Championships 1st place finishes under her belt as well as multiple Battle Roads 1st and 2nd place finishes.  This past weekend at the Philadelphia Regional Championships, Georgia turned in one of her best performances yet, finishing 4-2 and in 20th place, missing the top cut of 8 by tie-breakers.  Georgia is currently the #2 ranked Junior in Virginia.  The Gym Leaders have been watching her with a keen eye and feel she is ready to take on the responsibility.


As you’ve surely noticed, Georgia will carry the title “apprentice” as she begins to take on challenges.  Gym leaders in Fincastle have many roles.  We want to be good enough to challenge and push our more experienced trainers to be better, but we also want to help and teach new players how to be “tournament ready” so that when events come to town, nothing at the event will be a surprise to them.  During challenges, we emphasize playing by the rules, within the time limit (challenges are timed just like rounds at events) and with good sportsmanship.  With that in mind, Gym Leader Joel will observe Georgia’s first few challenges to see how she does.  Georgia will be on her own as far as playing her deck goes, but we do want to help teach her how to teach you how to be a better player.  Her apprenticeship will not be dependant on whether or not she wins or loses, but based on if she does a good job at keeping the match on task, especially with newer players.  We know she can play and good luck to all who take her on…. any victories over Georgia will most definitely be earned!

Georgia will round out the family of gym leaders.  Logan currently holds the position of Darkness-type and Water-type leader, Marthe commands the Psychic-type and Lightning type, while Joel is in charge of the Fighting/Ground-type, Steel-type, Grass-type and Fire-type decks.  The recent rotation of legal sets did not leave much of a pool of cards for several of the types, but coming sets should solidify most of the Gym decks.  Georgia’s type of choice, the Dragon, is the first completely new type to be added to the game since we began playing.  Again, the Dragon-types offer only a handful of playable cards at the moment.  From what we’ve seen, coming sets will add a lot to the selection of dragons and enable Georgia to create several decks for use in her defenses.

Speaking of challenges, we are getting closer each week to the 200th challenge at the Gym.  For those not familiar, whoever completes the 200th challenge (and it does NOT have to be a victory) will receive a special prize that we hope will satisfy both the collector and player in all of our trainers.  You will not know that it is you until the challenge has been completed.  So everyone keep signing up and getting those challenges in.  We try to look at the list and find you in the order you’ve signed up.  However, if you are ready to play, find that Gym Leader and let him or her know because sometimes we get a little busy during league play.

Georgia and the rest of the leaders are anxiously awaiting your challenges.  Whether you are still trying for your first badge or are coming back for more, we are always excited to engage in a fun and competitive battle with all of you.  See you at the Gym!


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