Boundaries Crossed Pre-Release Sunday, 11/4/12!

The newest set in the Pokemon TCG is coming to Fincastle this Sunday.  The Boundaries Crossed pre-release will be held on Sunday 11/4/12 at the Fincastle Community Center.  Registration is from 12pm – 1pm with play beginning shortly after.  The event costs $25 to enter.  You will receive 6 booster packs of the new set from which you will make a 40 card deck.  After a short tournament with the decks you build, you will receive 2 additional booster packs.  You also get a special promo card available only at pre-release events.  Door prizes will be given out after the event as well.  Lets look at the set.

Boundaries Crossed consists of over 140 cards and is a nice mix powerful EX Pokemon and interesting non-EX characters.  It introduces several brand new characters and brings back several favorites in new forms.  The new EX Pokemon include, Black Kyurem, White Kyurem, Keldeo, Landorus, Cressilia and Celebi.  Fan favorites like Blastoise, Charizard, Dusknoir and Scizor make their return and bring with them some very interesting attacks and abilities.  The Unova starters, Oshawat, Snivy and Tepig also get new cards and evolutions in this set.  Boundaries Crossed even brings with it a true “giant killer” in the form of a 60 HP Raticate capable of “one-hitting” any EX in the game.  The Fincastle Gym Leaders definitely see some cool deck ideas in this set and are sure many will come out of it that we have not thought of yet.

Boundaries Crossed introduces a new game mechanic in the form of a set of Trainer Item cards.  The new mechanic is called an “A-SPEC”.  The new “A-SPEC” cards are Trainer Item cards but state that you can not have more than 1 A-SPEC card in your deck.  These cards offer some very powerful effects, which is why they will be limited to 1 per deck.  There are 4 in this set and there will be more in future sets.  A-SPEC cards in this set increase White Kyurem EX‘s attacks by 50, increase Black Kyurem EX‘s HP to 300, heal any Pokemon by 90 (with no cost) and let you search any card out of your deck.  The set also introduces a new Trainer Supporter, Skyla, aimed at helping you find these new A-SPEC cards.  How these cards will affect competitive play will surely be tested in the next round of tournaments.

Pre-release tournaments are always great fun.  However (parents pay attention to this part!!!), they are also a great value.  Booster packs in area stores range anywhere from $4.20-$4.99 per pack.  The 8 packs for $25 at our event breaks down to $3.12 per pack.  This is THE most inexpensive way to pick up a lot of cards at once.  It is a great way for new players to quickly expand their collection and pick up the tools necessary to build competitive decks.

This Sunday’s pre-release also kicks off the return of “Force Your Parents To Play” month (months actually, November and December) at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym.  We will post more details this week, but the skinny on “Play” month is that if your parents (or other responsible adult that drives you to league) come to a league day and plays, then they get a booster pack to either share with you or taunt you with.  So warm them up by bringing them to the pre-release and helping you get twice the cards from the new set.  See you this Sunday at the Community Center!




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