“Force Your Parents To Play” Months Are Back

In years past, the Fincastle Pokemon Gym has gone with July as its “Force Your Parents To Play” month.  This year July was a little to crazy for us and we did not bring it back.  Well, to make up for it, the Fincastle Pokemon Gym is bringing it back even better.  We are closing out the year by making both November and December “Force Your Parents To Play” months.  The Fincastle Gym Leaders have seen many of you get very good at the TCG over the last year.  We also know it is very easy for your parents to write the game off by declaring it silly or something that they’ll never understand.  “Play” months are a great opportunity for your parents to learn how to play and see what you can do.  To top it all off, when they come to play, they will get special prizes just for them.  Whether or not they share them with you is up to them.  Here is how it works.

If you bring your parent to league to play (and they have to play), they will receive a free booster pack.  In addition to the pack, they also get pulls from the league binder each time they come.  If they play enough games, they also can earn league promo cards.  Parents may only earn the pack once for the month, but since we are expanding the event over November & December, they may earn an additional pack if they come and play during both months.  If you can talk both mom and dad into coming, then they both get a pack.  If someone other than your parents brings you to league, then we will give out the prizes if they play.  We are pretty flexible with our rules, we just ask that you don’t start dragging in long-lost relatives or the guy that makes the donuts just so you can get extra packs.  If you are an adult that does not have a kid to bring and you are interested in playing, come on down and give it a try (we’ll give you the pack, too).  We have some slightly modified starter decks that are available for use if you do not have a deck.  You also might have your kids to help you make a deck.  However (this one’s for the kids…), if you make your parents a deck, don’t make them a bad one just so you can beat them!  We want any parents that come to have fun, not get slaughtered with some Foongus/Sewaddle deck that you made just to torture them.

The Gym Leaders will also be available for parents to help them with decks and play against.  We have decks of all levels that we are glad to share with you.  We can play you lower key decks to help you get the game mechanics down.  We also can play you with some of our tournament level decks, not to beat you with them, but to show you more complex builds and maybe give you a little insight on ways to help you kids improve the decks they play and build.  As always, we have tons of deck ideas that are not (and sometimes are never) built.  If you want help improving you kid’s deck, then we are always glad to help.

Don’t forget this the pre-release this Sunday.  Everyone who plays is taking home at least 80 cards.  Parents, if you play, you’re helping you kids double their card pool and increasing the chances that they get some rare cards.  In addition, the pre-release tournaments are good exercises in deck building and playing in a not-so-competitive environment.  The bonus of it all (and the only reason we play the TCG) is that it is time spent with your kids.  Whether you try to become competitive or just play for fun is up to you.  Either way, we’ve always felt that it beats the heck out of sitting in front of a video game or television.  We hope to see you all this Sunday at the pre-release and hope to see as many parents as possible the following Sunday at the Gym.  See you there!


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