Fincastle Gym in Christmas Parade

About two weeks ago, Gym Leader Marthe said, “We should see if we could get a truck and make a float in the parade.”  I’m not sure if this is a direct quote or not, but Gym Leader Joel replied, “Ummnnnghhhh……” (most likely from his usual lack of sleep).  Despite the lack of immediate enthusiasm, Marthe stuck with the idea and in a few days time, lined up a truck to use and some decorating ideas.  Voila!   The Gym’s first entry into the Fincastle Christmas parade was born.

We met the night before and did some poster design and decorating with league members.  On the day of, we got together and decorated the McCaleb family’s truck.  Decorations included banners all the way around the truck, some awesome posters and cut-out characters and a Christmas tree adorned with everyone’s Pokemon “plushes” and a Pokemon-card garland.  We even had our own Ash and Pikachu!  We went equipped with over 200 promo cards and well over 200 candy bars to pass out to the parade goers…. and we were completely out of everything before we made the turn by the library!  Wow.  We never knew so many people attended this parade.  If there is a 2nd year entry, we will bring more next time!

Many thanks go out to the McCaleb family for the use of their truck, to our walkers (Hunter H, Marthe, Eli T, Nick K and Dana) who worked at a break-neck pace to hand out all of our goodies, and all of our riders (including Vicki who helped maintain order in the back of the truck….. and un-bury Brycen when the tree fell on him…..).  We had a great time and hope you all did too!  Here are the only photos we were able to take.  See you at the Gym!

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