Alex D wins Fincastle City Championship!

Everyone at the Fincastle Gym hopes that all of you had a great Christmas holiday.  Now that everyone is back in the swing of things, we will get back to updating our site regularly.  As most of you know, the Fincastle Pokemon Gym wrapped up the holiday break by hosting a City Championship.  Winners took home a very nice trophy from Play!Pokemon, valuable championship points and lots of booster packs.  We had a strong contingent of out-of-town/out-of- state players for this event.  Unfortunately, we did come away from the event with a copy of the results, so our apologies in advance for not knowing who placed in each division.

The Fincastle Gym almost swept the Junior division.  Alex D ran the tables, finishing as the only undefeated junior.   For his 1st place finish, Alex won the trophy, 50 championship points and 18 booster packs.  Addison M took 2nd place, which netted him 40 championship points and 10 booster packs.  Issac B landed in 3rd place, earning 4 booster packs for the finish.  Jake (?) from NC took home 4th place and 4 booster packs.  2nd-4th places all had 1-loss records, so the places were decided by computer tie breaker.  Great job to all the juniors!

Unfortunately, the Senior and Master divisions are where we fell down in terms of reporting.  We do know that Henry R won the senior division, defeating another senior from NC.  In the masters, Brian L and another NC player squared off in the top cut match.  Brian fell in the best 2-of-3 final in the 3rd game landing in 2nd place.  How’s that for detail!  If we get our hands on results, we’ll update this post with them.

It was a rough day for several of our seniors and masters.  If any of you need an illustration about days where not much goes your way…. look back at this tournament.  Gym Leader Joel feels your pain, as the deck he has played throughout the end of Battle Roads and through all of the Cities (never finishing worse that 4-2), managed 1 win on Sunday.  It happens…. it’s not fun, but it happens.

We’ll be back at the library this Sunday with league play at our normal time, so come down and play.  The Virginia Regionals in fast approaching, so now is the time to start hammering out kinks the deck you want to play.  See you at the Gym!


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