League Still On For Sunday, 1/20/13

Wow!  That’s about the most snow that I’ve seen fall in such a short period in my lifetime here in Botetourt!  Whoever just used the move “Avalanche”….  quit it.  The good news is that short explosion of snow is supposed to be it for the weekend.  With that in mind, we will plan to still have league at our normal time on Sunday.  However, the Gym Leaders will not be snowhere to adjust that plan should anything change.  The McCaleb family is planning on opening league for us (thanks guys!).  If the weather clears up as it should, then come on out and play.  They will keep track of the games you play and we will give you all the league goodies when we are back next weekend.  If it does not clear or the conditions still don’t look that hot, we suggest that you just come next Sunday.  We will not be able to update any further changes for the rest of weekend.  Any last-minute changes may be sent out in email or posted on the library door (if it is last-minute).  On behalf of the Fincastle Pokemon Gym, have a safe weekend, have fun at league (weather permitting) and cheer on the leaders and members competing in the Regional Championships this Saturday and Sunday!  See you at the Gym!


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