Plasma Storm Pre-Release This Sunday, 2/3/13!

This Sunday, Plasma Storm, the 8th set from the Black & White series, is available in Fincastle.  The pre-release tournament for the set will be held at our regular league location, the Fincastle Library, not the Community Center that we’ve used in the past (yay!!!).  Registration is from Noon-1:00pm, with playbw51-crobat beginning shortly afterwards.  The entry fee is $30.  You will initially receive 6 booster packs from which you will make a 40 card deck (energy supplied by the organizer).  After we play a for-fun tournament (usually 3-4 rounds), you receive an additional 2 booster packs.  You keep everything but the energy cards you borrow for the deck.  In addition to the 8 packs, you receive a special promo card, another promo item (I’ve been looking and haven’t figured out what it is yet) and a door prize ticket.  Door prizes, depending on attendance, vary from theme decks from the new set to varying amounts of additional booster packs.  This event will be in place of our regular league meeting.

This could easily be the most game-altering set of the Black & White series.  Many of you may remember the old “Team Galactic” set of cards that came out in the Platinum series.  That set created an “engine” or sorts, of cards that supported each other and made the “SP” Pokemon at the time very powerful and quick to set up.  Plasma Storm (based on characters and events from the VG involving “Team Plasma”) provides the beginning of a similar support “engine”.  From what I’ve seen (from looking at scans of this set and keeping up with sets when they come out in Japan), is that this engine is much more usable by a wider variety of Pokemon.  Plasma Storm contains 8 new EX Pokemon, as well as sets of Basic, Stage 1 and Stage 2 Pokemon that are dubbed as “Team Plasma” Pokemon.  The Trainer Item/Supporter cards in the set provide support for these characters, mostly in the form of energy acceleration.  What I like about the set is that much of this support can also be used on cards that we already have (I’ll touch on this more in my last article on the format).  There are also cards that remove Pokemon’s weaknesses and provide immunity from the attacks of EX’s.  There is even an EX that allows you to take an additional prize card on a KO (meaning 3 if you KO an EX).  Wow!  There is a lot to talk about within this set (and we will not even try to cover it now), but it is a very interesting set to say the least.

Come out and join us if you can.  These events are a lot of fun.  At $30 for 8 packs, you are paying roughly $3.75 per pack, which blows away prices per pack at Wal-Mart, Target and Toys-R-Us.  Not to mention that you don’t have to drive into Roanoke to get them.  For those of you who are planning your Sunday evening around the advertising assault disguised as a football game, we should be done shortly after 4pm, so you’ll have plenty of time to hit the hot wings, chips and dip long before kickoff.  See you at the Gym!


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