Georgia Takes 2nd Place At South Carolina States!

Gym Leader Georgia strikes again!  The Fincastle Pokemon Gym’s youngest leader, Georgia, traveled to the Columbia, South Carolina, along with Gym Leaders Logan and Marthe, to compete in the final week of the State Championship series.  Fresh off of her victory in Maryland, the Gym had high hopes that Georgia could keep her momentum rolling.  Georgia, the mighty 7 yr old, did not disappoint.

The Junior Division in South Carolina played 3 rounds of swiss with a top cut of 2.  Just like in Maryland, Georgia cruised through the 1st 2 rounds.  In the final round, she lost to Matthew T, but her resistance earned her a rematch with Matthew in the best 2 of 3 top cut.  In the 1st game, Georgia claimed the win within moments, as she got the KO on Matthew’s only pokemon on her opening turn.  Game 2 drug on for Georgia as she struggled to find the energy cards she needed and she eventually lost the game.  Game 3 began much the same way, as Georgia used resource after resource but could not dig out what she needed.  Despite the early energy drought, Georgia battled back to the lead, needing to take 1 prize card, while Matthew had 2 prize cards left.  Georgia was poised to end the game and match on the next turn, but Matthew was able to take out a damaged EX from Georgia’s field and take his last 2 prizes, the game and the match.  Georgia played another strong event, this time just missing another 1st place finish by a turn.  Great job, Georgia!

For her efforts, Georgia won the 2nd place trophy, 36 booster packs, a playmat, a binder, a hat and another 90 championships points.  Georgia’s mid-season surge has vaulted her into contention for a World Championship invitation.  She still has some work to do to make it happen, but what we thought was not a possibility this year has suddenly become very reachable goal.  Either way, she is having fun and learning to master several very competitive decks along the way.  We at the Gym are very proud of our smallest and cutest gym leader.  Keep it up, shorty!


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