A Huge Thanks To Jeff Reynolds And Family

The Fincastle Gym was hit with some unfortunate news over the past week.  We were informed that the Reynolds family is leaving the Pokemon Trading Card Game.  We do not know (and it is not our business to know) what happened between the Pokemon Company and the family, but either way the Gym will definitely feel the loss.  Our pre-release is cancelled and our Battle Roads tournament is up in the air.  There are more details at the bottom of this post on these events.  Losing these events doesn’t compare to losing the Reynolds family.

Our family’s first experience with organized play was at one of Jeff Reynolds’s events in Winston-Salem, NC.  While we all were beaten severely in the event, as we had no concept of the possibilities in the TCG, we wanted to play again because of the fun, family friendly environment that the Reynolds promoted at the event (and every one after).  If you’ve read any of our history, then you know where it all went from there…. paid trips won by Logan, 2 trips to the World Championships, scholarships, travel allowances, trophies, medals, promo items and thousands of cards from packs won by the kids (and occasionally Joel).  We attribute all of those wonderful things and experiences directly to the Reynolds family.

In addition to providing the environment where both Logan and Georgia have become great players, they also brought the game to southwest Virginia.  We have worked very hard to develop a strong league here in Fincastle.  Jeff recognized this and rewarded our efforts by bringing both Pre-Releases and Premier Tournaments, first to Roanoke and then to Fincastle.  While our attendance has not matched what he sees at events around Charlotte or Winston-Salem, we consistently gather anywhere from 30 to 40 players, which has been amazing in the 128 acre town of Fincastle (versus the “big city”).

Jeff has also fostered the development of Gym Leader Marthe into a very well-respected Pokemon Professor and volunteer.  Marthe got her feet wet judging at some of Jeff’s Battle Roads and Pre-Releases.  Since then, she has been on staff at multiple State and Regional Championships, as well as last year’s National Championships and World Championships.  Her experience has allowed her to run several of our own TCG and VG events at the library here in Fincastle.

Either directly or indirectly, almost everything we’ve done in organized play ties directly back to Jeff Reynolds and his family.  To us at the Gym, the loss is irreplaceable.

Now, about the events:

The Plasma Freeze pre-release scheduled for Sunday, May 5th at the Fincastle Library has been cancelled.

The Spring Battle Roads tournament was scheduled for Sunday, May 19th at the Fincastle Library.  We have been told that we will still have the event, but will have to wait as dates are worked out by other organizers trying to fill Jeff’s shoes.  We will post more news as soon as we know more information.

Thanks to Georgia’s recent victories, we have a decent supply of both packs and other items.  We will put some sort of tournament together here in the next week or so and make an announcement.  We may do a sealed event (like a pre-release, but from the Plasma Storm set instead), a booster draft or a Modified tournament with the packs as part of the prizes.  We will post something as soon as we decide, which may be after we find out for sure when our Battle Roads will be.

We at the Gym are sorry for the disappointment, but the sudden change is beyond our control.  We will miss our involvement in the Reynolds events and their involvement at the Gym.

Stay tuned and we will get details about what is next at the Gym.  Our league remains the same and we hope you all will come join us this and every Sunday at the regular time.  Until then, see you at the Gym!


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