Gym Leaders at Battle Roads & Hunter’s Challenge

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym took its show on the road this past weekend in lieu of league play and traveled to Harrisonburg for 1 of several Spring Battle Roads tournaments.  That combined with a weekend of baseball double headers and softball games has unfortunately kept us away from the computer to update recent news from the Gym.  So, lets catch up a little on recent challenges and how the Gym Leaders fared in their 1st tournament of the Spring.

First things first.  Last Sunday, Hunter H took on the final of the Final Four decks at the Gym.  The last deck, the Skill deck, was again piloted by Gym Leader Joel.  Joel put together a variant of the Mewtwo/Landorus/Garbodor decks that did so well during recent State and Regional Championships.  The Skill deck’s strength comes from locking Abilities while wearing down the field with Landorus EX and eventually cleaning up with Mewtwo EX.  Hunter played against it brilliantly.

To save some detail, Hunter freed himself from the lock with “Tool Scrapper” long enough to get energy onto all of his attackers.  Tied, with only 2 prize cards left, the Gym Leader rendered Hunter’s active Mewtwo EX “Asleep” & “Poisoned”.  After attacking again with Landorus EX, the damage on Mewtwo EX climbed to 150 (thanks to the Virbank City stadium) and Hunter flipped tails, meaning that it stayed “Asleep”.  Hunter’s only option to escape was to hit a “heads” coin flip on the Item card “Super Scoop Up”, allowing him to return the Mewtwo to his hand and KO Landorus with his waiting Keldeo EX.  He only needed that card…. he had 2.  First SSU attempt, tails.  Second SSU attempt….. tails.  Out of luck?  Not yet, as Hunter played “Professor Juniper” and acquired his third and final SSU.  Third flip……. tails.  Ouch.  With no other options, Hunter passed and the Gym Leader took the KO from the “Poison” damage and the game.  A “heads” on any of the four flips would have earned Hunter the win.  In the previous 3 games of the challenge, Hunter hit on those flips and those flips won him several of those games.  The laws of probability decided to catch back up with him at an inopportune time (like Gym Leader Logan’s last game at the 2012 World Championships).  Its back to the start of the Four for Hunter.  Hunter still earned some nice consolation prizes from the league for completing the challenge.  Hopefully more of our 4 will be available next time through so he does not have to face Joel 4 times in a row.

Speaking of our 4, we all took on the field at Harrisonburg this past weekend (3 playing and 1 judging).  Georgia took 2nd place in the Junior Division.  Gym Leader Joel, armed with the Gym’s Fire-type leader deck, took 3rd place (edged out of 2nd place be the 4th factor in the computer tie-break system, as he and the runner-up were tied in the 1st 3 categories).  Logan took one for the team, as he helped test out one of Georgia’s decks against this new format and brought home some valuable info as we head towards Nationals.  In terms of World’s invitations and Championship Points, Georgia is still within reach, while Logan will have to battle to the top at Nationals to make it.  There’s no time like right now to test out ideas.

We hope you all are doing some testing of you own as our Fincastle Battle Roads tournament approaches.  We hope to have players from several areas attend, so it should be a fun, competitive event.  We will have league at our normal time this Sunday.  See you at the Gym!


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