No League This Sunday, 6/16/13

We promise… this insane part of the year for the Gym Leaders is almost over.  Dance recitals, baseball games (coaching and playing), softball games, booster club, Battle Roads, work…. life in general.  Thankfully we were able to find a volunteer last weekend to open league for us (many thanks to the Alderson family).  Unfortunately, we were not able to line anyone up for this weekend.  There will be no league this Sunday (6/16) at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym.  We will be back at our normal time next Sunday 6/23.  Check back this week, as we will post some info on our recent use of the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online and some cool decks that we play there that we did not get a chance to play during this Spring Battle Roads stretch.  See you soon at the Gym!

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