Online Deck #2 – The Energy Burglar

As we’ve mentioned many times before, Gym Leader Joel loves creating and testing out deck ideas, probably more than actually playing the TCG.  The next deck that we will look at from his and Gym Leader Logan’s stash of deck ideas is one of his personal favorites.  If he had been able to make any more Battle Roads, this deck was next on his list to play.  The “Energy Burglar” was built with the Plasma Basics in mind.  If you have already had your fill of playing the same copied lists of Kyurem/Deoxys/Thundurus/Whatever, then this is definitely a deck to try out.

burger“The Burglar” is built around the newest version of Krookodile, who bears a striking resemblance to our favorite Mickey D’s character, the Hamburglar (do they even have characters anymore or did they go the route of Joe Camel).  Anyway, Krookodile is a card that has probably been ignored or overlooked by most players.  Krookodile’s first attack, “Piston Headbutt”, requiring only 1 Darkness energy combines nicely with its 140 HP and item card “Max Potion” to make quite the disruptive little tank.  Whether you would classify this as a “lock” deck or not is debatable, but it is disruptive if nothing else.  Let’s take a look at this list and then explain it in more detail.

The Energy Burglar (Online Record 13-4)

  • ·         4 – Sandile (2 B/W, 2 DEX)
  • ·         2 – Krokorok (B/W)
  • ·         4 – Krookodile
  • ·         2 – Darkrai EX
  • ·         3 – Mewtwo EX
  • ·         4 – N
  • ·         4 – Cheren
  • ·         3 – Bianca
  • ·         2 – Colress
  • ·         1 – Gold Potion ACESPEC
  • ·         2 – Max Potion
  • ·         2 – Heavy Ball
  • ·         2 – Level Ball
  • ·         2 – Ultra Ball
  • ·         4 – Pokemon Catcher
  • ·         4 – Rare Candy
  • ·         2 – Pokemon Communication
  • ·         9 – Darkness Energy
  • ·         4 – Double Colorless Energy

Patience is the name of the game with this deck.  As you work towards setting up your first Krookodile, you definitely want to get Darkrai EX in play to provide free retreat when necessary.  If you are forced to play a Mewtwo EX down, that’s ok.  Just do not attach energy to it unless necessary to retreat after your opponent uses “catcher”.  If possible, hold on to Mewtwo for a few turns.  Regardless of what deck you are playing against,krook use “Piston Headbutt” to move energy from your opponent’s main attacker to anything on the bench.  The more useless the bench sitter, the better.  Against Plasma decks, move the energy to Deoxys EX.  Against any Eels variant, pile them onto an Eelektrik.  Against decks like Darkrai/Lasers, you have to really think it through and decide based on how your opponent plays (so maybe onto Keldeo EX, maybe Sableye or maybe load 7 or 8 energies onto one Darkrai).  It’s a tough call against that deck, but if you choose correctly, it will pay off.

As you absorb hits from your opponent, use the “Gold” and “Max” potions to keep your field alive and kicking.  When the time is right (which again is a judgment call depending on what you are playing against), drop your Mewtwo, attach a DCE and use a catcher to pull up your energy-rich target.  If you have planned correctly, “X-Ball” should blow that target away, taking with it the majority of your opponent’s energy.  In the online version, at least, most players usually concede at this point or sit there and let the game either idle out or lose its connection.  We are showing an online record of 13-4, which is probably closer to 20-4, as this is the deck that we normally experience the “loss of connection with server” message.  Our guess is that this is usually the result of a frustrated player unplugging their connection.  Unfortunately for us, these loss of connection games never register a win or a loss in the online records.

Let’s look a little bit more at the Plasma match-up, since it is the reason we built this deck.  Plasma variants for the most part, rely on Blend/Prism energy (if they attack mostly with Kyurem) or Plasma energy (if they focus on Lugia EX).  Thundurus EX is there it do a little damage but primarily to re-attach energy from the discard.  Knowing that, you need to make getting the Blend/Prism energies off of either Thundurus EX or Kyurem your focus.  The best target is Deoxys EXDeoxys EX is a Mewtwo slayer, but only if Mewtwo has energy on it.  If you are patient and get a nice mix of the special energies on Deoxys, you can catch it and X-Ball it and in one turn, cripple the “best deck in the format”.  Before the game is over, your opponent will likely have to resort to Thundurus to try to recover.  Stick to your guns and keep moving whatever is left to another Deoxys.

The next best alternative is to pile everything but Plasma energy onto a Lugia EX (it requires Plasma energy or its attack does nothing) and KO it with Mewtwo.  The biggest threat in this match-up is a ACESPEC “Scramble Switch”, which most versions of this deck play.  This card can undo several turns of “Piston Headbutt” in one swoop.  However, if you are set up and weather the hit after the switch, you just return to your strategy, as they can only do this once.

So why is this not the deck for Nationals?  3 match-ups…. Blastoise/Keldeo, Gothitelle/Accelgor, and Plasma Klingklang.  Joel almost played this deck in Cornelius, which would have been a disaster, as he faced 2 Gothitelle and 1 Blastoise.  The problem with Gothitelle….well, for those that know that deck….there is no energy to move.  The ensuing trainer item lock is far too nasty for our friend, Krookodile to handle.  If you think that’s bad, try moving energy off of attackers against Klingklang (which thrives off of its ability to shift energy around).  You can put up a fight against Klingklang, but you have to use Darkrai Ex as your attacker and Krookodile as your back-up plan.  Krookodile’s second attack “Hammer In” is not terrible (80 for D and DCE), but it best saved for a last resort.

The match-up against Blastoise in not as unwinnable as the other 2, but it is a tough match-up.  Your best bet is to load energy onto Blastoise (especially if they play Lightning energy and Black Kyurem EX) and fall behind on prizes.  If you can combine the KO with a “N” that cuts their hand to down to 3 cards or less, you may be able to pull a win out.  The addition of “Superior Energy Retrieval” makes recovery too easy for B/Keldeo.  If you can win this match-up, you’ve played well.

“Burglar” is definitely a deck for the patient player.  In a format where so many decks set up fast, you have to just hold on and get this set.  Another advantage that this deck has over all of these speedy decks is that it does not burn through its resources the way that they do.  Once you set this lock, you may be down 2 or 3 prize cards, but you may also be sitting across from a player that does not have enough left in their deck to fight their way out.  We play “Gold Potion” online, but “Dowsing Machine” is probably the better choice of ACESPEC cards.  It can get you back a “Max Potion” if needed, but also can get a catcher back, which you often have to use early to slow your opponent and start the lock.

We feel “Burglar” is another pretty competitive deck that is fun to play if you like this style of deck.  It does have some bad match-ups, but sometimes you win those by your opponent figuring out what you’re doing too late.  This could have been a decent “secret deck” to play at Nationals (not now, I guess).  We are weeding out possibilities as we approach and have a pretty good feeling that we will see plenty of Klingklang and Blastoise.  If we are right on that call, then Krookodile would be in for a pretty rough weekend.  If nothing else, try our idea out and see where it takes you.  We enjoy sharing these with you and hope you find a little use for them.  Check back for more in a day or two.  Until then, “Robble Robble” (it’s a Hamburglar thing…).  See you at the Gym!

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