Congratulations Jacob V, v1.0!

This has been a pretty crazy spring for the Fincastle Pokemon Gym Leaders.  If anyone ever wonders if it is possible to get involved in too many activities at the same time…. well, that’s a big ol’ “yes”.  We unfortunately had to either cancel league or leave it in someone else’s hands several times over the last few weeks as we wrapped up sports seasons and spring dance.  Thankfully, we were able to all be back for one more meeting before heading out to the National Championships in Indianapolis.  While Gym Leaders Joel, Georgia and Logan were taking the week off from challenges so that they could test decks for Nationals, Gym Leader Marthe was there to step in and field any challenge.  That she did, as first time challenger, Jacob V went for the Dragon-type gym badge.

Gym Leader Marthe, as fellow Gym Leader Joel often does, stays familiar with all the league decks so that she can step in a play them when necessary.  With the youngest but mightiest leader, Georgia, unavailable for challenges this Sunday, it was the perfect time for someone to make their first attempt on the Dragon-type deck.  That someone was Jacob V, a relatively new trainer at the Gym that has picked up the game very quickly.  Gym Leader Marthe was definitely in for a battle.

The first game in the best of 3 challenge went pretty smoothly for Gym Leader Marthe, as she played her way through re-familiarizing herself with the Dragon deck.  Despite losing a few Basic Pokemon to KO’s, Marthe methodically took out 3 EX Pokemon and won game 1.  Game 2 turned on her, though, as Jacob put pressure on immediately with Mewtwo EX and a DCE (double colorless energy).  Over about 6 turns, Jacob KO’d Basic after Basic, as Marthe never got set.  Jacob cruised to the 2nd game victory.  Game 3 saw Jacob take another quick lead, but Marthe was not going to make it easy.  Marthe recovered and took 2 prizes and then 2 at once by knocking out an EX.  With only 1 prize card left, Jacob took out a Garchomp to win the game and the match.  Jacob not only wins his first badge at the Gym, but does so on his first try (we’re not sure if that’s happened before).  Great job, Jacob!

Welcome, Jacob, to the “Wall of Fame” at the Gym.

Gym Badges Earned (aka, The Wall of Fame):

  • Austin W – Steel, Grass
  • Tyler D – Lightning, Steel, Grass
  • Chris L – Lightning, Fire
  • James H – Psychic, Steel
  • Tessa Y – Fire, Psychic, Grass, Lightning
  • Angela Y – Lightning, Fighting, Psychic
  • Dustin  F – Psychic
  • Brycen F – Psychic, Lightning, Fire, Grass, Darkness, Steel
  • Troy B – Lightning
  • Jordan L – Grass
  • Hunter H – Grass, Darkness, Steel, Lightning, Psychic, Fighting, Water, Fire and Dragon
  • Kelli B – Fire
  • Eli T – Grass
  • Isaac B – Steel
  • Jeff D – Psychic, Fire
  • Jacob A – Steel
  • Alex D – Lightning, Grass
  • Jacob V – Dragon

*players in BOLD have won all 9 badges

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