Plasma Blast Pre-Release At Gym Sunday, 8/4/13

pblastThe Leaders of the Fincastle Pokemon Gym have 2 very exciting announcements for all of you.  The first is our next event coming to the Gym.  On Sunday, 8/4/13, the Fincastle Gym will host a pre-release tournament featuring the brand new Black & White: Plasma Blast series of cards – before they can be purchased in stores!  Beat your friends in collecting the new set, which includes over 100 new cards.  Powerful new EX cards include the much-anticipated  Genesect EX & Virizion EX, as well as Palkia EX, Dialga EX, a new Kyurem EX and Jirachi EX.  The set also introduces several new Trainer Item and Supporter cards, including 4 new “ACESPEC” Items.

Registration is from Noon-1:00pm with play beginning shortly afterwards.  The entry fee is $30.  You will initially receive 6 booster packs from which you will make a 40 card deck (energy supplied by the organizer).  After we play a for-fun tournament (usually 3-4 rounds), you receive an additional 2 booster packs.  You keep everything but the energy cards you borrow for the deck.  In addition to the 8 packs, you receive a special promo card, another promo item (I’ve been looking and haven’t figured out what it is yet) and be entered to win door prizes for each age group.  8 packs for $30 ($3.75 per pack) plus the extras is a great deal (better than Wal-mart, Target and K-mart) and a great way to expand your collection.

gnsectDoor prizes include 3 additional packs of Plasma Blast, a recent theme deck and a Pokemon-themed Grand Prize if our attendance reaches 20 players (you’ll just have to come to see what it is!).  After the pre-release, the Gym Leaders will stick around until our usual League finish time of 5:30, so you can play some league matches and try out your new cards in your best decks.

Our 2nd big announcement is amazing news for our league and the game in our area.  Our own Gym Leader Marthe has become a Premier Tournament Organizer (PTO) and will be the organizer for this pre-release.  In addition, starting with the 2013-2014 Battle Roads season, Marthe will be organizing events in Fincastle and several venues in North Carolina including Battle Roads, City Championships and future pre-releases.

In addition to these premier tournaments, the Gym Leaders will be working to actively grow Pokemon Leagues and interest in the Shenandoah Valley to increase opportunities for everyone to play without too much travel.  If you have any suggestions for opportunities to increase the local and regional interest in Pokemon (events to attend, places to put up posters, people to talk to, anything) please let us know at League or email your ideas to:

Come join us this Sunday for league play and again on 8/4 for the pre-release.  These events are lots of fun and great for new players.  Tell your friends and help us bring new players to our league.  See you at the Gym!


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