Pokemon Events Coming Soon

unownAs we noted in our last post, the Pokemon organization has not released very much detail, to date, on how the 2013-2014 TCG season will play out.  The Fincastle Gym has gathered the information available so that it can help you prepare for events coming in the first half of the season.  Over the remainder of 2013 (and 1st part of 2014) we know that we will see one more set released, Regional Championships (out of our area) and League Challenges.  League Challenges are still a bit of an unknown at this point, so we pass on what we know for sure.

First things first…. one of the exciting things about this season for the Gym is that Gym Leader Marthe will be taking on her first full season as a Premier Tournament Organizer (PTO) for southwest Virginia and western North Carolina.  Unless something pops up that Pokemon has not told us yet, her first series of events will be the Legendary Treasures pre-releases.  Pokemon allowed only 2 weeks for events for this set and the first weekend coincides with the Philadelphia Regional, which the Gym Leaders are attending.  So, that leaves us with only the weekend of 11/1/13 to work our events in.  This is what we came up with:

  • Friday 11/1 – Fincastle, VA – Registration:  5:30pm-6:30pm at Fincastle Library Meeting Room
  • Saturday 11/2 – Cornelius, NC – Registration:  12:00pm-1:00pm at Parker, Banner, Kent & Wayne
  • Sunday 11/3 – High Point, NC – Registration:  12:00pm-1:00pm at Gaming Underground

It will be a 1st for the Gym to host an event on a Friday evening.  We are excited to try it out and hope that everyone can attend.  With the other events running on Saturday and Sunday, Gym Leader Marthe will be away during our normal league time that week.  However, Gym Leader Joel will stay to host league on 11/3 at our normal time.  Hopefully everyone will have a few new cards to try out after Friday’s event.

The Regional Championship series will follow the same basic structure that Pokemon used last year, with 15 events, spread across the country in the Fall, Winter and Spring, with 1 very notable change.  There will be an entry fee for Masters only (Juniors & Seniors play for free).  This is a first for us at the Gym (as all competitive events up until now have been free).  Regionals entry fees are $20.  However, with the advent of entry fees comes a significant increase in the prize support of these events.  Prizes at Regional range from 216 packs, 120 CP’s to 15 packs/10 CP’s and extend out to the top 64 places.  Here are the dates for the one’s that you might be able to attend from this area.  For a full list, check pokemon.com.


  • Grand Wayne Center, Anthony Wayne Ballroom, 120 West Jefferson Boulevard, Ft. Wayne, IN 46802
  • Pennsylvania Convention Center, Terrace Ballroom, 1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

The League Challenge series appears to still be a work in progress.  For this season, these events appear to be replacing the smaller “Battle Roads” tournaments that many of you have attended in the past.  What we know, is that league organizers will be eligible to run these events on their own at their league locations.  There will be a small number of Championship Points available at these tournaments (similar to the points from Battle Roads).  Our understanding is that leagues can hold a League Challenge each season (which if the seasons line up like last years, would be 8 seasons/tournaments).  With that being said, there has been no info released about seasons, ordering or league promos as of yet.  The Gym Leaders are under the impression that entry fees to these events will be optional and prize support (beyond “Victory Cup” type cards) will likely be up to the league to supply.  Most importantly, we don’t know yet when the Fincastle Gym can hold its 1st one.  We hope it is soon and will let you know when that is.

As we also mentioned in our last post, there are several rule changes confirmed for this season and several that are coming, we just don’t know when.  We will look at those changes in our next post.  Stick with us as we figure everything out.  We will pass updates on to you as we get them.  Until then, see you at the Gym!


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