No League This Sunday, 10/27/13

mad pup

Bring me the Pokemon!

The Fincastle Gym is hitting the road this weekend to try our hand at our first Regional Championship of the 2013-14 Pokemon season.  The weekend will consist of a 2 day TCG event, a video game tournament, a pre-release for the Legendary Treasures set and a league championship (what used to be known as Battle Roads).  Needless to say, we are in for a very busy weekend and we will not be back in time for our normal weekly league meeting at the library.  So, for this Sunday only, this is no league at the Gym. 

got you

The Pokemon are on the way!

Fear not…. for what you miss this Sunday will be made up for next weekend and then some.  Next Friday (11/1) is the Fincastle Gym pre-release tournament for Legendary Treasures.  We will also have league on Sunday 11/3 so that you can try out whatever new cards you get at the release.  This weekend the Gym Leaders get a little excitement for us, next weekend we bring it to you!  Check back in a day or 2 for full details on the pre-release tournaments that Gym Leader Marthe will hold next weekend (all 3 days) both here and in North Carolina.  Cheer us on this weekend and until next time, see you at the Gym!


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