Legendary Treasures Pre-Release Friday 11/1

texpromoOn Friday, 11/1/13, the Fincastle Gym will host a pre-release tournament featuring the brand new Black & White: Legendary Treasures series of cards – before they can be purchased in stores!  This is the last set of the Black & White card series.  This set features both reprints combined with new printings of big cards from the current format, with the return of a few cards that were just rotated out in September.  Catch both legendary and EX pokemon one more time before they go on sale in stores.

Registration is from 5:30-6:30 pm with play beginning by 7 pm.  The entry fee is $30 (cash only).  You will initially receive 6 booster packs from which you will make a 40 card deck (energy supplied by the organizer).  After we play a for-fun tournament (3 rounds total), you receive an additional 2 booster packs.  You keep everything but the energy cards you borrow for the deck.  In addition to the8 packs, you receive a special promo card (Tornadus EX), a deck box and be entered to win door prizes for each age group.  8 packs for $30 ($3.75 per pack) plus the extras is a great deal (better than Wal-mart, Target and K-mart) and a great way to expand your collection.

Door prizes include 3 additional Pokemon-themed door prizes for each age group.  In addition, we will award a Pokemon-themed Grand Prize if our attendance reaches 20 players (you’ll just have to come to see what it is!).  This special Friday event will conclude by 8:30 pm.

Location: Fincastle Library Meeting Room – 11 Academy Street, Fincastle, VA 24090.  From I-81 North or South, take exit 150B.  Follow US 220 North for 8.5 miles.  Turn Right on Roanoke Street (across from the Dollar General).  Turn Right on Academy Street.  The Library is on the right.

Friday’s event will be followed up with 2 events in North Carolina, with releases at the following 2 locations:

  • Saturday 11/2 – Cornelius, NC – Registration:  12:00pm-1:00pm at Parker, Banner, Kent & Wayne
  • Sunday 11/3 – High Point, NC – Registration:  12:00pm-1:00pm at Gaming Underground


Quick Take On This Set:

On Sunday afternoon at the Philadelphia Regional, Gym Leader Joel played in the 1st Legendary Treasures pre-release, put on by the same tournament organizer.  Prior to playing, he had heard many grumblings from some of the “top” players about the set, citing many reprints of previously issued cards that were supposed to be in the set.  He entered the tournament with some reservations because of what he heard (and because the last “reprint” set, Call of Legends from the HGSS era was HORRIBLE).  Joel was very pleasantly surprised with this set.  Yes, the set has reprints… but they are good ones.  All totaled, there are 15 different EX cards in the set, 3 of which are new.  The others include the most played cards at the moment, like Darkrai EX, Mewtwo EX, Keldeo EX, Victini EX and Lugia EX.  All of the original “big basics” from Black & White are reprinted w/ different artwork (the “genies”, the “swordsmen”, the legendary birds and the “outrage” mainstays of Black & White, Reshiram, Zekrom & Kyurem).  This set also includes the Japanese “radiant collection” cards which have some of the most amazing artwork we’ve seen on pokemon cards to date.

To longtime competitive players, this set includes a lot of cards that they most likely have full play sets of already.  However, for newer players who don’t have a lot of great cards, this may be one of the best sets we’ve seen printed, definitely the best in the Black & White era.  For example, Joel, in his 6 packs for the Philly release, received 3 EX’s and 1 full art “radiant” card, in addition to several other good cards.  Then in his 2 packs received after the tournament, Joel hit 2 more EX’s!  5 EX’s (6, counting the promo) plus other goodies in 8 packs is not too shabby.  The player across from Joel hit 2 EX’s in his 6 and 2 full art “radiant” cards (didn’t see his last 2 packs).  We are sure that not everyone there had that kind of luck, but we heard many players remarking about the nice “pull rates” (if that is even is the proper term) that they saw in the set.

rc23-emolgaFrom a collector viewpoint, there are some really beautiful cards to hold on to (anyone who pulls a full art Emolga, come see Gym Leader Joel for trades afterwards… he’ll hook you up with a good trade… or at least come taunt him with that card).  From a player viewpoint, this set offers a lot of cards that you can build decks around or complete decks that you already have.  We at the Gym have been a little disappointed in the “Plasma” sets (the last 3) as we have seen entire boxes opened only to reveal 2 EX cards.  There are no “ACESPEC” or “secret rare” trainer cards in Legendary Treasures taking up spaces that could be EX’s like in those sets.  We hope that future releases in the upcoming X & Y era will follow the trend this release is exhibiting.  We can’t make any guarantees about what you’ll get in this pre-release (that’s half the fun, we think) save one… thanks to the promo card, everyone who attends our 1st  event in Fincastle will get an EX (and hopefully supplies will last through the weekend so that promise holds for all 3 events).

We do not want to over-hype the set, but we at the Gym strongly recommend attending one of these releases if you are a newer player or a player looking to return to the game and need to catch up on your collection.  Keep in mind that the pre-release price per pack breaks down to  $3.75 per pack, plus or minus $1 less per pack that you can get boosters at any local retailers.  We hope you take advantage of the value and join us for what we’ve found to be a surprising and enjoyable set.  See you at the Gym!


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