City Championships Kickoff This Weekend!

pikachu_2001_600x600We had a great turnout for our first Fincastle League Challenge on Sunday, and everyone got in some quality practice for the next level of Pokemon Premier events, which start this weekend.  That’s right, between Thanksgiving and the first weekend of January, the Pokemon calendar will be full of City Championships.  There are 9 events in Virginia plus nearby events in North Carolina.  If you’re planning to travel any time this holiday season, head over to and see if there will be any events near you.  This is also a great way to find local League play when you travel anytime.  Gym Leader Joel has attended leagues in Georgia when he has had to travel for work.

All the details for City Championships hosted by Gym Leader Marthe can be found on the “Upcoming Event Details” page above.  Here’s a quick summary and some news that should peak your interest a little.  Play!Pokemon has instituted a new prize structure for City Championships and above this year which includes amazing prizes for Masters players.  For each City Championship this year, the winner of the Masters division takes home a whole booster box of Pokemon cards!  In exchange for this increased prize support, Masters players will have to a pay to enter these events.  For City Championships, the cost is $10.  While Pokemon events in the past have been free for everyone – the vastly increased prize pool for the Masters seems to be a good trade-off.

Some upcoming City events that might fit into your travel schedule and weekend plans include:

  • Saturday 11/30 – Mocksville, NC (about 2.75 hours South of Fincastle)
  • Sunday 12/8 – Harrisonburg, VA (1 hour North)
  • Saturday 12/14 – Cornelius, NC (3 hours South)
  • Sunday 12/15 – High Point, NC (2.5 hours South)
  • Sunday 1/5 – Fincastle, VA (exactly 0 minutes from Fincastle!)

laxIn the meantime, we’ll have League each week at the Library through the holidays.  Keep an eye here and on our Facebook page in case of bad weather. We’ll announce by 10 AM on Sunday if we’re going to cancel.  Everyone enjoy some good holiday cooking and NFL games that hopefully will be watchable on some level (they’re always good to nap through if nothing else).  Hit the leftovers and then waddle on in and practice with us this Sunday.  See you at the Gym!



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