Happy New Year!

newyrWhat a busy year!  For the Fincastle Pokemon Gym, 2013 has been, by far, the busiest year to date.  As always, we have traveled near and far in search of battles with the best competition in the world.  Despite missing the 2013 World Championships, the Gym Leaders had great successes in competitive play and are off to a strong start in the 1st half of this season.  We have presided over an ever-growing, yet constantly changing league where we offer both a fun place to play and a place to hone your competitive skills.  New for the Gym Leaders in 2013 was the role that Gym Leader Marthe stepped into as a PTO in western Virginia and North Carolina, which may expand further in 2014.  The Gym held multiple City Championships in addition to assisting several locations in setting up their League Challenges.  The hectic year combined with a very busy holiday season have left us little time to post here which we will make up for as 2014 gets underway.  We at the Gym love statistics, so to close 2013, lets look at some pretty cool figures from this year.

One of our favorite features of WordPress (the blog host for this site) is the way that it tracks views.  It provides breakdowns of the # of views per day, month, year and since we began.  Since the inception of the Gym and this site, we have amassed over 30,000 views.  Since Logan’s initial trip to the 2011 World Championships in San Diego, we have maintained about 1000 views per month, with spikes occurring in the months around Nationals and Worlds.  If you think that it’s just our members and local players checking in… then guess again!

mappTo date, people from 99 different countries have viewed updates about the Fincastle Pokemon Gym.  The top 10 countries, in terms of views, reflect the representation that is normally present at the World Championships, leading us to point out the obvious… that the countries with the most players produce the most competitive players.  In order, our top 10 is the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany.  It doesn’t stop there, though.  We won’t list them all, but from Japan to Peru, Ireland to Jordan, Kenya to Mongolia, people from all over the world have read about little ol’ Fincastle.  Think about that next time you make the Wall of Fame by beating a Gym Leader…. someone on the other side of the World may be congratulating you.

Speaking of gym challenges, we unfortunately have to be a little more vague with our numbers.  As most of you know (and for those of you who don’t), we always do something special for the challenger that completes every 100th challenge.  We are very close to #300 and as we posted earlier in the year, the prize for #300 is a custom-built deck by the Gym with sleeves and deck box included.  At the close of 2013, 43 challenges have been won by league members.  We can’t tell you how many are left until 300 as we intend to keep it a surprise until the challenge is complete (win or lose).  Between bad weather days and the busy City Championship schedule, we have had to skip league a few times over the last several weeks, which has made us fall behind on challenges.  We will get back into full swing on challenges in 2014.

Gym Leaders Georgia, Logan and Joel have already had great tournaments in the early part of this season in the TCG.  Georgia won the Philadelphia Fall Regional, followed by several league challenges and has taken two 1st places and a 2nd at Cities.  Logan, in addition to winning several league challenges, top cut in one City and placed in several others.  Joel finished 2nd at one City Championship glovesand has placed at several league challenges and Cities.  This all adds up to a huge collection of packs won by the Gym Leaders.  We have done like we always have…. opening packs and keeping some of the really rare stuff while donating the rest to the league.  However, this winter we have sorted cards until our “sorters” are worn out… and we still have packs.  Marthe has already posted on Facebook, but we haven’t here yet, that we have decided to share these packs with you while they last.  At league and upcoming events, we are selling our remaining winnings for $2.50 per pack.  There aren’t a lot and the packs are a mix of Plasma Blast and Legendary Treasures.  If you’re looking for booster packs, grab what we have while they’re available.  We’d love to offer this all the time, but unfortunately we can’t win all the time (as much as we’d like to).

We’ll get a post up later this week with some details about this weekend’s City Championship and other events that are coming soon.  Thank you all for making this another great year at the Gym.  The Gym has grown beyond just a place for us and our kids to play.  It has become an extended group of people, or family, if you will, both young and old(er) that we love being around and playing Pokemon with.  We hope that you have enjoyed 2013 at the Gym and that you look forward to 2014 as much as we do!  See you at the Gym!


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