XY-Flashfire Pre-Releases Start This Weekend!

flashXY-Flashfire, the 2nd set in the XY series, is finally on its way.  If your favorite Pokemon are Fire-types, then you are going to love this set!  Flashfire brings the original Fire-type starter, Charizard,  back.  For the 1st time, Charizard comes in EX and Mega-EX forms and in Fire and Dragon types.  To accompany his return, Flashfire includes an interesting set of Trainer Item and Supporter cards that provide support to all Fire-types.  For those who aren’t fans of fire, the set contains a strong mix of of both EX and non-EX pokemon, including several Kalos characters making their 1st appearance in the TCG.  There are over 100 cards in the set, with 5 new EX’s and 3 Mega evolutions.  A few cards that are perhaps a little “under the radar” will likely have a huge impact on the format.

Flying in the shadow of the new Charizard cards are 2 characters with pretty massive hair-dos, Pyroar and “Lysandre”.  While their dos are huge, their impact may prove to be even bigger.  Pyroar boasts an ability that protects it from all lysadbasics, which could cause some problems for some of the format’s top decks at the moment.  “Lysandre”, a Trainer Supporter card, has the same effect as the original “Pokemon Catcher”.  In addition on these 2 cards, Flashfire contains a strong set of Trainer cards that should work their way into many decks.

The Fincastle Gym’s home pre-release will be this Sunday at the Fincastle Library.  Registration is from 12:30 to 1 PM with play beginning shortly after.  For anyone that has not attended a pre-release, here’s the short version of how these events go.  You receive 6 booster packs, from which you will make a 40 cards deck (energy provided by the organizer).  We will play a short (3 round) tournament with these decks just for fun.  At the end of the event, you receive 2 additional booster packs.  For anyone new to the game, these events are a great way to learn to play and a great way to start a collection and begin to build decks of your own.  Be sure to stick around for league play at our regular time (3pm-530p).

Gym Leader Marthe will kick off the pre-release series on Saturday in Morrisville, NC.  For a full list of Flashfire events, check out the “Upcoming Events Details” tab at the top of the page.  Entry for all the events is $30.  If you have any questions about these events or anything else pokemon/league-related, feel free to email us at fincastlepokemon@gmail.com or contact us on Facebook (Fincastle Pokemon).  Come join us and get the newest set weeks before its release in stores.  See you at the Gym!


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