Yveltal League Challenge Results

Yveltal2The Fincastle Gym is nearing the end of an exhausting Spring that has unfortunately left Gym Leader Joel will little time to post on this site.  1 baseball tournament, 2 dance recitals and a few more softball games and the Gym Leaders/baseball coaches can again turn their focus back to the TCG.  We’d love to post on the new Flashfire set, but we have hardly had time to look at the set, much less play-test any of it.  We have lots of ideas to try, but we will get to those when they are more than just theory.  At any rate, the Gym hosted the Yveltal League Challenge last Sunday and again saw another nice mix of competitive decks.  Here’s a quick recap of the event.

The Junior division played 3 rounds which worked out to a final round match between Davis N and Camille M.  Davis won the game and the challenge, claiming his 1st challenge.  Camille claimed 2nd place and Riley W took 3rd.  The Senior division saw a final round battle between Hunter H and Gym Leader Logan, both playing their own rogue decks.  The prize exchange weighed heavily in Hunter’s favor as he battle Logan’s Dragon-type EX’s with his Garchomp deck.  Hunter claimed the final game and the challenge, landing Logan in 2nd place and Brycen F in 3rd place.

eggggsThe Master division saw a very diverse pool of decks for such as small event, with everything from “Round”, to Pyroar, to “anti-meta”, to a little Exeggcute shenanigans.  In the end, Gym Leader Joel defeated Rob C in the last round to take 1st place.  Rob claimed 2nd place and Ettellie L took 3rd place.  Thanks to all who played and great job to all the winners!

Following the challenge, Gym Leaders Marthe and Georgia got into gym leader challenges on the Lightning deck and the Dragon-type deck.  Both leaders posted successful defenses of their decks.  Hopefully we will be able to jump right back into challenges this Sunday.  Remember, if you are signed up for a Gym Leader Challenge and are ready to battle, find that Gym Leader as soon as you can so we can make time for the match.  The longer you wait, the more likely  we are to get caught up in something else.

Don’t forget that the National Championships and World Championships are approaching very quickly.  We will post info on both events in the coming weeks.  Feel free to email any questions about these events or ask a Gym Leader at league.  If we don’t know the answer off the top of our heads, we’ll find it for you.  See you at the Gym!


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