2013-14 Pokemon Season Hits Home Stretch

schoolLast day of school!!!! Yay!  Yes, finally, school, sports & dance are done.  As a busy spring winds down for everyone, Play!Pokemon is hitting its stride.  Months of competitive play are coming to a climax as the 2 biggest events of the year are just around the corner, the National Championships and World Championships.  Players have battled all year chasing the Championship Points necessary to receive an invitation to the World Championships.  Many have reached that total and can sit back and relax a little.  Many more are painfully close, still needing just a handful of points to seal the deal.  Whether you are in either crowd, or even the casual player crowd, this is a very fun time of the year for Pokemon.  Let’s look at what is in store for the rest of this season of organized play.

Starting this weekend, the final series of League Challenges before Nationals begin across the country.  Chesnaught League Challenges are taking place at various approved leagues and are the last small Premier tournaments, meaning events where Championship Points can still be obtained.  Those who are just a few points away may look to these events to secure their invitations.  For everyone else, these are low-key events where you can show off your best deck or just play something crazy for fun.  The Fincastle Gym’s challenge will be held at the end of the month.  Here are the details:

Fincastle Chesnaught League Challenge – June, 29th, 2014

  • Registration:  1230pm – 100pm, w/play beginning shortly afterwards
  • Modified Format w/$5 entry fee (waved if you have participated in league play this season)
  • Held in Fincastle Library Meeting Room (where we have league)


The main hall - Nationals 2011Next up after the challenges is the largest event of the year, the National Championships in Indianapolis.  Over the weekend of July 4th, the Indiana Convention Center plays host to both the Video Game and the Trading Card Game Nationals.  If you are a lover of Pokemon, this is the event to attend.  You can compete in the main event (with just a few Play Points, which almost everyone who has played in league or a few tournaments should have) or play casual games in the huge league area.    There are typically two large vendor rooms selling everything from single cards to deck boxes to plushes.  For fans of the video game, there is a wireless distribution of a special pokemon unique to this event.  One of the unique features of the TCG event (albeit, not easily attained) is that those who finish in the top 8 of their division receive automatic invitations to Worlds.  Prizes can stretch all the way to 128th play depending on attendance.  Follow this link for full details:

National Championships Link


Hail the victors!About a month after the conclusion of Nationals (dates/details not official yet) the pinnacle of the year for the competitive player arrives with the World Championships.  This is an invitation-only event that will be held in Washington DC this year (a blessing for players on this side of the States).  The main event is preceded (the day before) by a Last Chance Qualifier tournament.  The LCQ is an open event in which finalists gain entry into the main Worlds event.  The number of players that win their way in varies from year to year depending on the number of players that qualified for the main event.  We anticipate the field at the LCQ to be very large given the number of east coast players that will be able to make the trip to DC.  League play and pre-releases usually occur at the event as well.  Details for Worlds will come as that event gets a little closer.

The Fincastle Gym has a lot in store for you in the coming weeks.  We’ll take a look at our latest World Championship qualifier/competitor.  Gym Leader Joel is working on an updated series of deck building articles for new players.  When we get news about upcoming set rotations, we will post that info and how it affects the format.  Plus, we have been playing with the new set for several weeks and have a few fun decks to look at with you.  We at the Gym are sorry that we have neglected this site a bit over the last month or so, but we simply bit off more than we could chew this spring.  We are back with you now and hope to provide you will some entertaining and informative posts as we get into summer.  Check back soon and as always, see you at the Gym!



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