Chesnaught League Challenge Sunday 6/29/14 – No League 7/6/14

Millis_ChesnaughtThe Fincastle Gym Leaders are preparing for the annual “pilgrimage” to Indy for the Pokemon National Championships, so there will be no League meeting on Sunday, July 6th.  However, to be sure everyone gets their fill of Pokemon before the holiday, the Fincastle Pokemon Gym will host its sixth League Challenge of the year this Sunday at the Fincastle library.

The Chesnaught League Challenge:

  • Sunday 6/29/14 @ Fincastle Library meeting room.
  • Registration is from 12:30pm-1:00pm.  Play begins shortly after.
  • Players must bring a 60 card Modified format deck sorted by Pokemon, Trainers, and Energy.
  • Entry fee is $5 (entry fee is waived if you have played at League during this season – 5/13-6/23).


  • 1st Place – Challenge promo card, 4 booster packs & 15 Championship Points.
  • 2nd Place – Challenge promo card, 2 booster packs & 12 Championship Points (if attendance is 4 or more in age group).
  • 3rd/4th Place – promo card, 1 booster pack & 10 Championship Points (if attendance is 8 or more in age group).

We will also have door prizes in each age group.

A few side notes (for newer players):

If you sleeve your deck, the entire deck must be sleeved and all of the sleeves must be the same.  If for some reason your deck does not comply with the Modified format rules, you may still play in the event with a starter deck supplied by the Gym.  Gym Leader Marthe will do a deck-check of everyone’s deck to verify that all of the cards are in the correct format.  So, please be sure your deck is sorted to make her job easier.  Decks should be sorted by Pokemon, Trainers, and Energy, with all cards with the same name together.  (For example: 2 Squirtle, 2 Wartortle, 2 Blastoise, 2 Skyla, 2 N, 2 Switch, 8 Water Energy, 2 Rainbow Energy.)  Bring your own damage/poison/burn markers and either a coin or clear, 6-sided die (for flips).

If you have any questions, email us at our league email.   We are excited about the event and hope you all are too!  See you Sunday at the Gym!

If you can’t make it for the tournament, we’ll still have our regular League when the tournament is finished.  All games during League this week will get double marks as we get ready to start a new season next week!


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