Gym Leaders Off To Nationals, No League 7/6/14

chesnThis Sunday the Fincastle Gym completed its last league challenge of the 2013-14 TCG season.  We had a good turnout in the junior and the master divisions.  Congratulations to Patrick T, who won the master division, to Hunter H, winner of the senior division and to Quinn T, who missed a match-up with Gym Leader Georgia en route to winning the junior division.  Both Quinn and Georgia have qualified for the World Championships in August and a preview battle would have been interesting for the Gym, but sadly did not happen.  The event was a fun prep for next weekend’s National Championships in Indianapolis. 

Speaking of which, the Fincastle Gym Leaders are taking their show on the road to the Pokemon National TCG and VG Championships.  The event is pressure-free for our youngest gym leader, Georgia, as she enters it having qualified for Worlds several months ago.  The tournament does present some nice opportunities for Georgia, however.  The negative side effect of her earning her invitation to Worlds early is that Georgia did not compete in several State Championships and the last round of Regional Championships, simply because she did not need to.  This mini “vacation” meant that she did not battle some of the most recent “BDIF” decks.  Nationals will let her get a good sampling of what the format has to offer, which will be greatly beneficial as the World Championship draws near.  And with a little luck, Georgia has the opportunity to pick up some excellent prizes along the way, ranging from packs and promo items to scholarships and travel rewards.

Gym Leader Logan has been working hard preparing for the video game tournament which does not begin until Saturday of the National Championship weekend.  Logan will also enter the main TCG event and if he does well, may be in a position where he has to choose whether to continue the TCG or go to the VG event.  However it goes, Logan is looking forward to the weekend.  Gym Leader Marthe will be busy volunteering throughout the weekend, but gets to play for fun as well.  She will enter the Professor’s Cup, a special rules tournament just for organizers and judges.  Gym Leader Joel will be entering the main TCG event.  Joel is never satisfied to follow the sheep and play what all the deck list sites say you have to play.  So, we’ll see if one of his creations has enough wolf in it to make any ripples or not.  Either way, he always has fun doing his own thing.  Plus the addition of lots of side events to this year’s Nationals weekend allows both him and Logan the opportunity play multiple decks/VG teams over the course of the weekend.

Happy New Year!The only sad news for the Fincastle Gym is that, or course, we will not have league on Sunday, 7/6.  We’ll be back at our regular time on the following Sunday, 7/13.  We’ll post an update or 2 this weekend from the event.  If, by next week, there have been no announcements about the upcoming rotation, we will go ahead and post our series of deck building articles.  We were hoping to hold out for the rotation announcement so that we can exclude cards that will go out of the format.  If they don’t, we’ll go ahead and post with what we anticipate the format will be.  The goal of the series will be to simply layout some helpful guidelines for new players by looking a several ways to build decks.

Enjoy the fireworks on the 4th!  The Gym Leaders will do our best to create some of our own in Indy!  Until next time, see you at the Gym!


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