Furious Fists in Fincastle on Sunday!

XY3_EN_55XY-Furious Fists, the 3rd set in the XY series, is finally on its way.  If your favorite Pokemon are Fighting-types, then you are going to love this set!  Furious Fists brings Lucario-EX (and its Mega Evolution) as well as Hawlucha-EX.  Other Fighting-types in the set include Machamp, Tyrantrum, and Hariyama. Plus Fighting-types are easily paired with the Fighting Stadium, Strong Energy, and new trainers like Korrina to maximize their attack potential! For those who aren’t fans of fighting, the set contains a strong mix of of both EX and non-EX pokemon, including Seismatoad, Heracross, and Dragonite (all EX’s).  There are over 100 cards in the set, with 5 new EX’s and 3 Mega evolutions. 

The Fincastle Gym’s home prerelease will be this Sunday at the Fincastle Library.  Registration is from 12:00 to 1 PM with play beginning shortly after.  For anyone that has not attended a prerelease, here’s the short version of how these events go.  You receive 6 booster packs, from which you will make a 40 cards deck (energy provided by the organizer).  We will play a short (3 or 4 round) tournament with these decks just for fun.  At the end of the event, you receive 2 additional booster packs.  For anyone new to the game, these events are a great way to learn to play and a great way to start a collection and begin to build decks of your own.  Be sure to stick around for league play at our regular time (3pm-530p).XY3_EN_104

For a full list of Furious Fists events, check out the “Upcoming Events Details” tab at the top of the page.  Entry for all the events is $30.  If you have any questions about these events or anything else pokemon/league-related, feel free to email us at fincastlepokemon@gmail.com or contact us on Facebook (Fincastle Pokemon).  Come join us and get the newest set weeks before its release in stores.  See you at the Gym!


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