No League Sunday 8/17 – Look For The Gym At Worlds!

As mentioned in a previous post, the Fincastle Gym Leaders are headed to Washington DC this weekend for the Pokemon World Championships, so there will be no regular meeting of the Fincastle Pokemon League on Sunday, August 17.

Don’t despair, you can stay connected to the Gym and follow Gym Leaders Logan and Georgia (as well as other Gym members) at the official World Championship website:

Worlds webpage

Look for articles about various trainers and VIPs daily under the News heading.

For a live list of standings and pairings during the tournament Saturday and Sunday, click on the purple Standings bracket.  You can see all the matchups in each division and their current records (Win, Loss, Tie).

Worlds web 2

Click on the “World Championship information” link, and get lots more cool info.




  • Full listing of the World Championship Invitations by country
  • Details on prizes, schedule and other events held during the Championships
  • Official and “un”official photos of the event shared via Instagram
  • Decklists and Video Game team lists for the finalists in each division
  • and more.

The final rounds in each age group (both Trading Card Game and Video Game) will be broadcast live on Sunday via Twitch.  There will be additional live streaming throughout the event – so take a peek.  You never know when you might see a familiar face!

We will try to post an update or two during the weekend, but only as time permits.  We expect this to be an exciting 3 days of tough Pokemon matches and we want to stay focused on supporting our Gym Leaders in their pursuit of the World’s best.  Gym Leader Joel will have a full summary of the tournament and everyone’s journey after we return to Fincastle.

Our next regular league meeting will be on Sunday, August 24 at 3PM.  This weekend, cheer on Logan and Georgia as aim for the top of the year’s biggest Pokemon event!  Until then, see you at the Gym!


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