Video Game Tourney Sunday 9/21!

Mr MagooYay, we have a computer again…. (can you hear the excitement in Gym Leader Joel’s voice?).  In case you can’t tell, Joel is a real lover of technology… kind of in the same way that most people love skunks.  We at the Gym are a little disturbed at how easily the loss of an electronic device (i.e. our laptop) can completely cripple one’s ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.  That being said, our new computer (supposed to be “in-store” on the next day from the time of order) has arrived (now 6 days after the order date).  The timing of this computer crash was bad for us at the Gym, as this Sunday’s video game tournament was to be our 1st Premier VG event.  Gym Leader Marthe is frantically working to get “TOM” (the pokemon program used to manage and record tournaments) up and running on our new laptop.  Once some vital data is transferred from our old hard drive, we’ll be good to go. However, that will not happen by this Sunday.  Fear not… the tournament will still take place.

During our normal league hours (3:00p-5:30p), the Gym will host a warm-up video game tournament.  Registration will be 3-3:30.  The event will not be a Premier event (meaning no championship points available this time), but will serve as a “dry run” of sorts for future video game events that will be Premier.  This Sunday’s event will conform to the same guidelines, meaning that it will be in the Standard VG format.  Just as a brief reminder, that means only pokemon that are in the Kalos Pokedex, and are X/Y native (blue pentagon in the Summary screen), no legendary characters other than the 3 birds (Uno, Dos & Tres), “Double Battles” with “Flat” guidelines.

The tournament is, of course, free to enter.  If you plan to play, please arrive with your 6 pokemon in your game’s “Battle Box” with any items you wish equipped (remember, no duplicate items).  We will check the pokemon being entered and then get right underway with the battles.  The tournament will be in the standard swiss format with the number of rounds determined by the number of participants.   Prizes are available for the top finishers in each age group.

The Gym Leaders are a little backed up on news for the Gym and upcoming events.  We will post the results of Sunday’s VG event later that evening and then start trying to catch everything else up after that.  Thanks for your patience and for still checking in while our computer was down.  There is plenty of news coming your way this week, so check back soon.  Until then, see you at the Gym!


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