Results, Results and Results

dhThe Fincastle Gym Leaders are in the process of doing a little catch-up work. We’ve had several events over the last month but were unable to post results on any of them as our laptop died a slow death.  Now we’re back in business and want to congratulate the winners of several tournaments.  We’ll start with Sunday’s video game tournament and then look back to our Delphox and Greninja double-header league challenge.

This past Sunday at the Gym, we held what was to be our 1st Premier VG event. Unfortunately, we had to down-grade the tournament as our computer troubles did not allow us to comply with everything necessary for the challenge to be a Premier event.  Nonetheless, we paired up and battled and saw some very exciting matches.  To the casual observer, a video game battle on a 3DS probably vgviewdoes not sound like much of a spectator sport.  Pokemon fans would surely disagree, as matches at Nationals and Worlds are displayed on large (not quite theater-size) monitors, where hundreds of spectators watch and cheer.  We’d love to do that on a smaller scale (like over a big TV) at the Gym, but have not figured a way to do that.  At the very least, we’d like to find a way to record the matches so that they could be viewed over this site or a YouTube channel.  Whether we get to that anytime soon will take some brainstorming to accomplish.  The main reason that is on our mind is that Sunday’s tournament would have provided some excellent match footage.

Competitors in Sunday’s VG tournament played 3 rounds of swiss, with each match consisting of a best 2 of 3 battle.  The Masters division worked its way to a showdown between Gym Leader Joel and Noah H.  Joel put up a fight, but Noah’s team was too strong.  Noah finished the day undefeated and in 1st place, with Joel following in 2nd and Dean E in 3rd.  Hunter H pulled of the hat-trick in the Senior Division, finishing 3-0 and in 1st place.   Ryan N took 2nd place and Gym Leader Logan claimed 3rd place. Georgia kept the theme going, dominating the Juniors, finishing 3-0 and in 1st place. Davis N finished in 2nd place and Griffin D in 3rd.

breederThe winners in each division took home a handful of league promos and each player was able to choose from a pool of “IV” bred pokemon put together by Gym Leader Marthe.  If the gym leaders were to take on persona from the pokemon universe, Marthe would definitely be a pokemon breeder.  She has become very good at “nature” and “IV” breeding.  Congratulations to Sunday’s winners! Hopefully their prizes will contribute to successful teams in the future.

The Fincastle Gym leaders and a few of the Gym’s trainers spent last Saturday afternoon in Christiansburg playing in a VG tournament at the New River Valley Mall GameStop.  This event was an age-combined single elimination tournament.  All 4 gym leaders won opening round matches.  Gym Leader Logan had the best day, battling his way into the final 8 before losing 1-2 in the best of 3 match.  That event was organized by Southwest Virginia Pokemon Trainers, a recent discovery for the Gym. We hope to combine our efforts with their club and bring more video game events to the Roanoke area.  Stayed tuned for details on that.

Going back a little further into the month, let’s look at the results of the Delphox/Greninja TCG double-header that took place on 9/7 at the Gym.  The double-header day was a long, but very fun day, as we hosted 2 separate tournaments, back-to-back.  The 1st event was in the current Standard format, while the 2nd tournament was held in the Expanded format.  The Gym supplied pizza and drinks to keep everyone going through this all day TCG battle.

The 1st tournament, the Delphox challenge, was the Standard event.  Richard L finished as the only undefeated player in the Master division and in 1st place.  Gym Leader Joel claimed 2nd place followed by Patrick T in 3rd place.  Gym Leader Logan won the Senior division with Hunter H taking 2nd and Robbie F taking 3rd.  The Junior Division ended with Quinn T defeating Gym Leader Georgia to settle the 1st and 2nd place spots.  Julia B claimed the 3rd place position.

The 2nd tournament, the Greninja challenge, was the Expanded Format event.  Greg P (all the way from California!) won the Master Division with Ettelie L and Richard L finishing in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.  The Senior Division saw Hunter H take 1st place, followed by Robbie F and Logan in the 2nd and 3rd place spots.  The Junior Division wrapped up with a rematch of Georgia and Quinn, with the same results (Quinn 1st, Georgia 2nd).   This match-up between World Championship competitors is one that we feel we’ll see plenty more of this year.  Wesley H wrapped up the Juniors in 3rd place.

Both challenges showcased a nice mix of decks, with everything from Donphan/Trevenant, to Pyroar, to Genesect/Virizion, to Plasma.  The Expanded event saw an oldie but a goodie dominate, as Ray/Eels ruled the day.  We love variety in the TCG and there was plenty of that in our double-header.  If this sounds like fun, the join us on the last weekend in September as we bring another round of Standard/Extended double headers to Raleigh, North Carolina (check the upcoming events page for details).  These events will be the last chance to get some testing in before the Autumn Regional TCG events begin.  Check back soon… see you at the Gym!



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