City Championship and Premier VG Dates Set!

1782126_10203615823130332_6469858072838378211_nAs you all know, Gym Leader Marthe, in addition to being one of the Fincastle Gym Leaders, is also the Premier Tournament Organizer for western Virginia and North Carolina.  Running an event may seem difficult and a little chaotic at times.  However, the most arduous tasks that Gym Leader Marthe takes on is the scheduling of events and the securing of locations to hold events.  This winter is the City Championship season, which includes several Premier VG events (a new addition from Play!Pokemon).  Marthe just received confirmation on her last event, so all dates and locations are final.  Full details, addresses, etc, are posted in the “Upcoming Event Details” tab at the top of the page.  Here’s a look at everything coming soon.

The Gym is running 3 Premier Video Game events this winter (maybe a 4th in late January).  The 1st event, which is right on us, is probably the most unique.  This coming Thursday, 11/20, at the Valley View Gamestop, the Gym is running a Premier VG tournament prior to the midnight release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.  Sorry, younglings, this one may be a little late for you, but if you can talk your no youngunsparents into it, more power to you.  We are really excited about this one.  Just to clarify (because we can’t remember if there is still a store inside the mall), the Gamestop event is at the store outside the mall (near the theater, IHOP, Starbucks, etc.)  The next event will be at the Gym itself in Fincastle, on 12/14.  We’ll round out our foray into the VG world in the new year in Garner, NC, at Event Horizon Games on 1/3/15.  The 1st 2 events will be with the X&Y game and rules.  We’ll have to verify when it gets closer, but the Garner event should be the 1st with the new Ruby/Sapphire games.  We’ll know for sure when that event gets closer.  As for the 4th event, we are trying to work our another Roanoke area tournament in late January.  We’ll post more on that when we know for sure.  Again, check the top tab for full details.

marathonThe Fincastle Gym’s TCG City Championship tour will include 6 events.  We’ll kick off with a Thanksgiving weekend mini-marathon in North Carolina.  The 3-day event will begin on 11/28 (Friday) at Parker, Banner, Wayne and Kent in Cornelius, NC.  Day 2, 11/29 (Saturday) will take place in Mocksville, NC at Heroes Headquarters.  Day 3, 11/30 (Sunday) will be at Gaming Underground in High Point, NC.

The Gym will ring in the new year with 3 more City Championship events.  We’ll be back at Event Horizon Games in Garner on 1/3/15, and then at Atomic Empire in Durham, NC on 1/4/15.  The City Championships will conclude back in Fincastle on 1/10/15.

All of the City Championship events are Modified Format (Boundaries Crossed – Phantom Forces).  Practice your favorite deck.  Round out your favorite VG team.  This should be a very exciting and fun winter.  Whether you visit us or we bring it to you, see you at the Gym!


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