Happy Holidays and Welcome 2015!

pokemon-all-wallpaperThe Fincastle Gym Leaders hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, spending time with your friends and family.  We also hope that you got some cool, new Pokemon presents.  Whether you got the new video game or got some new cards to beef up your best decks, we hope that you are looking forward to 2015 at the Gym and at events in our area.  The Gym Leader had a great time in 2014, playing and staffing at TCG and VG events across the country.

Here are just a few of the awesome milestones the Gym hit in 2014:

  • Our 300th Gym Leader Challenge.
  • The 50th Gym Badge won by league trainers.
  • 200 League Meetings since the Fincastle Pokemon League began.
  • Over 50 tournaments organized by Gym Leader Marthe as a Premier Tournament Organizer.
  • Our foray* into the competitive VG world.
  • Our 4th year attending the National Championships in Indianapolis.
  • Our 3rd year attending the World Championships.
  • Gym Leader Georgia’s 1st World Championships competition.

Looking ahead, 2015 looks to be an even more exciting year, with at least 4 of our regular League members chasing the Championship Points required for an invitation to the 2015 World Championships in Boston.  To kick off a great New Year, don’t forget about these upcoming events right here in the Roanoke Valley:

  1. Saturday, January 10 (THIS WEEKEND!) the Fincastle City Championship.  Check-in is at the Fincastle Library from 10-10:30 am.  Register online!
  2. Saturday, January 17 (NEXT WEEKEND) Video Game Premier Challenge at Thunder Valley in Salem.  Check-in is from 5:30 – 6 pm.  Register online!
  3. Sunday, February 1 – the Primal Clash prerelease.  Registration is from 12 – 1 pm at the Fincastle Library.  (Cost is $30.)

Come join us at one of these events or at our regular league time.  Speaking of league time, we wanted to remind everyone that there is no league meeting this Sunday, January 11, as the library room is booked on that day.  However, we’ll be back again the following Sunday at our regular time.  Also, Gym Leader Joel has a few “format buster” articles that we were going to publish over the Christmas break, but holiday meals, parties, shopping and some last-minute basement work took priority (sorry…), so they got postponed.  Regardless, we hope they’ll be an interesting read to start the year.  Check back soon and see what they are all about.  Until then, see you at the Gym!


*Editor’s note:  While double checking the use of the word “foray” in a sentence online, Joel found this reference…


  • “Come on a foray into the world of fungi.”

fungiWhat the heck…..?  Who wants to go on any kind of trip into the world of fungi?  We think the people at Webster lay off the fungi…..  I mean, really?  Where is the world of fungi, anyway?  Yeah… I don’t think we want to know either.  Sorry, Joel just can’t get that one out of his head.




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