Congratulations Eric, v1.0!

fireWith the recent advent of the Video Game Gym Leader Challenge, the Fincastle Gym Leaders have had their hands full over the last few weeks at league.  Thankfully, the addition of our 2 new VG Gym Leaders, Dean and Noah, we have been able to keep things rolling and handle quite a few challenges.    Our hope in adding an expanded VG element to our league, is that we would attract more experienced players to join us on Sundays.  So far, so good.  The VG leaders have opened our league’s new venture by going 4-0 over our first 4 challenges.  However, we knew that several of our new players were playing enough games at league to earn their 1st challenge (16 games of either TCG or VG or any combo thereof earns the right to challenge the leader of your choice) and that when those players came calling, that any of the leaders would be likely to fall.

The Gym Leaders 1st met Eric A at our Premier tournament in Salem at Thunder Valley.  This writer (Gym Leader Joel) did not face him in the event because, while I was busy getting my team slapped around by other opponents, Eric was battling his way towards the top cut of the tournament.  Of note for Eric at that event was a 5th round win over Wolfe Glick, the two-time US National Champ and 2012 Worlds Runner Up.  Eric eventually was defeated in the top cut rounds, but nonetheless, that performance was enough for us to see that this guy knew his stuff.

This Sunday at the Gym, Eric chose Noah, the Fire-type Gym Leader, for his 1st challenge.  I was unable to view the match, as I was battling in defense of the extingTCG Grass-type deck.  However, after the match was completed, I asked Noah for some details.  His response was, “I got destroyed”.  Enough said.  So goes Eric’s 1st gym challenge.  Noah added that in the best 2 of 3 match, that he KO’d 1 of Eric’s team members in each game, losing 0-3 (0 pokemon remaining, to 3 pokemon remaining) in consecutive games.

After having battled Eric in league play prior to the challenge, the gym leaders knew that this result was likely on its way.  Eric is a very skilled and knowledgeable player.  For Eric, the road through the Fincastle Gym Leaders get readymay not be as much about if he can defeat all of the gym leaders, but more of a question of whether or not any of us can beat him.  Eric holds the honor of being the 1st trainer at the Fincastle Gym to earn a video game badge, the Fire-type badge.  Great job, Eric!  Welcome to the Wall of Fame!

VG Gym Badges Earned (aka, The Wall of Fame v2.0):

  • Eric A – Fire

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