Dark Moon Cards and Games

Glowing black planet in outer spaceThe Fincastle Pokemon Gym is always looking for ways to change, improve and grow.  Being that our unique league is the combined brainchild of Gym Leaders Marthe and Joel,  we don’t ever jump into an idea without having a plan (usually Joel comes up with an idea and Marthe figures out how to actually make it work).  Not a bad combo.  As both leaders are kept busy by full-time jobs and by raising fellow Gym Leaders Logan and Georgia, in addition to running Premier events throughout North Carolina and western Virginia, you can easily imagine that additional changes are pretty slow down the pipeline.  After quite a bit of planning, the Fincastle Gym is very excited to announce our next venture, or step, if you will (maybe towards a storefront one day), Dark Moon Cards and Games.

Dark Moon Cards and Games is our new online card store.  For now, we are bringing you Pokemon card singles from the newer expansions released by Pokemon.  The bulk of what we are offering at the moment comes from the following sets:  XY – Flash Fire, XY – Phantom Forces, and XY – Primal Clash.  Of course, we will add to our inventory as new sets are released, including XY – Roaring Skies, which is due out on May 6th.  As we get our feet under us and work out a few options of how to operate our sales site, we may add more products than just single cards.  Small steps…..

While we are still operating our league from the Fincastle Library, we unfortunately are required to keep the Gym and Dark Moon Cards and Games separate.  DMCG will operate for now as an online business only.  This means that all sales must go through the website, (we also should have listings available on EBAY and TCGPlayer.com in the coming month).  We will mail all purchases to you promptly.  This also means that we cannot deliver orders or conduct other DMCG business during our league hours.

We may not have everything you are looking for right away.  Browse our singles and see what we have, as we will try to be competitive with other card sites.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, check back soon.  We’ll add inventory as we get it.  For those of you that know us through our league or our events, feel free to check out the site and give us some feedback through our league email (fincastlepokemon@gmail.com).

A bit about the name….  Dark Moon Cards and Games is named after some circumstances around when Gym Leaders Marthe and Joel met each other, after the great war…. (ok, it was not that long ago).  We are pretty sure that you don’t oldwant to read about how we met and when we started dating, so let’s leave it at this… if you want a good slow dance song, look up “Dark Moon” by Chris Isaak.  Yeah, we’re saps, but we’ve been married longer that a lot of you have been alive, so it’s our right, dag-nabbit!

Where will this lead us?  We don’t know.  We at the Gym are excited about Dark Moon Cards and Games.  We’d love for it to lead to a storefront one day, which would mean a place to play at times other than just Sunday 3:00-5:30pm, as well as a place for events.  What we’ve found from scouting our area for locations over the last year and a half is that such places are hard to come by.  One thing we’re not going to do is rush into anything.  It’s exciting to think about the possibilities.  Only time will tell…..

The store site can be found at: www.DarkMoonCardsandGames.com and by using the link at the top right of the blog.  Until then, see you at the Gym!


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