Roaring Skies over Fincastle

 x75-rayquaza-ex.jpg.pagespeed.ic.eI4oNLvNM8XY-Roaring Skies, the next set in the XY series, is coming this weekend.  Dragon lovers will want to be sure to load up on all new EX and Mega-EX Dragon-type pokemon!  Roaring Skies brings Rayquaza-EX (and its Mega Evolution) in multiple forms (one Colorless and one Dragon-type).  Other EX Pokemon in the set should include Shaymin, Thunderus, and Latios. This set is the second of the XY series to include the new “half-art” style, where the main pokemon image spills out of its usual box and into the area where Abilities and Attacks begin.  In addition to the “full-art” cards, where the image takes up the whole card, these “half-art” cards create a new artistic category for collectors and players alike. 

The Fincastle Gym’s home Prerelease will be this Sunday (April 26th) at the x97-double-dragon-energy.png.pagespeed.ic.VKTiww-ThpFincastle Library.  Registration is $30, and will be from 12:00 to 1 PM with play beginning shortly after.  For anyone that has not attended a Prerelease, here’s the short version of how these events go.  You receive 6 booster packs, from which you will make a 40 cards deck (energy provided by the organizer).  We will play a short (3 or 4 round) tournament with these decks just for fun.  At the end of the event, you receive 2 additional booster packs.  For anyone new to the game, these events are a great way to learn to play and a great way to start a collection and begin to build decks of your own.  Be sure to stick around for league play at our regular time (3pm-530p).

togekissFor only the second time, we will also offer an additional opportunity to take home Roaring Skies cards – a Booster Draft.  Sign-ups for the Booster Draft will be available at the beginning of the main event, and the Draft will begin after the Prerelease is over (probably about 3 PM).

Here’s a quick run down for players who have not experienced a Booster Draft before.  Entry fee for the Booster Draft is $25 per player (we must have 8 players sign up in order to have this event).  Players are then seated around a table, and each receive 5 booster packs of Roaring Skies.  However, instead of opening all 5 packs (like in the Prerelease), each player opens one pack, looks at the contents and then takes the code card and 1 card of their choice.  The 9 additional cards in that pack are placed face-down on the player’s left.  When each player has selected their first card, everyone picks up the cards on their right and selects 1 card from that pile, then places the remaining 8 cards on their left.  This continues around the table until all cards from the first packs have been selected.  Then players pick up their 2nd pack, open it and continue the draft – this time passing to their right.Once all the cards are drafted, players again build a 40-card deck and have a short tournament.x61-m-rayquaza-ex.png.pagespeed.ic.nDIiAF-V91

A Booster Draft is a great way to practice your ability to strategize quickly.  As you draft, you will begin building your deck, actively looking for cards which will support or evolve into the first several cards you select.  Because players have much more control over their deck choices in a draft, players are also rewarded for success in the Booster Draft Tournament.  When the tournament begins, one booster pack for each player is put into a prize pool.  When the tournament finishes, the winner receives 1/3 of the prize pool as their reward.  2nd place gets 1/4 of the remaining packs, and this continues until the prize pool is gone.

For a full list of Roaring Skies events, check out the “Upcoming Events Details” tab at the top of the page.  Entry for all the events is $30.  If you have any questions about these events or anything else pokemon/league-related, feel free to email us at or contact us on Facebook (Fincastle Pokemon).  Come join us and get the newest set weeks before its release in stores.  See you at the Gym!


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