Roaring Skies On Sale Today!

2015 - JRHS Robotics - Build Season (92)The Fincastle Pokemon Gym wrapped up its last weekend of pre-releases on Sunday in Cornelius, NC.  Traditionally, attendance at releases of the spring sets tends to be a bit low, we assume owing to the sheer number of activities people are involved in during the spring season.  Take us for example:  right now we are in the midst of baseball & softball, horseback riding, dance, in addition to running pokemon events and keeping up our Dark Moon Cards store.  To add a little more weight to our schedule, Gym Leader Logan, as a member of the James River High School robotics team, joined their team on their 1st trip to the World Championship competition in St Louis a few weeks ago (Go Knights!!!).  We know we are not the only ones with a spring like this.  Despite this being a hectic time of year, we still had strong attendance across all of our events with Roaring Skies.  Thanks to all who turned out and made the events fun.

xxy46-altaria.png.pagespeed.ic.Z9hVRPmtEzSpeaking of Roaring Skies…, the new set, the 6th set in the XY card era, went on sale today at retailers nationwide.  Gym Leaders Marthe & Joel spent the last several nights opening and sorting for our online store.  Dark Moon Cards and Games is up to date and has our new selection of Roaring Skies cards posted.  As of last night, our vendor site did not have all of the scans of the cards up, but hopefully that will update by the end of the week.  If you’re searching our site, just check the description/# if the scan is not there yet.  Thanks for your patience!

We have not had a chance to update progress on Gym Leader Challenges lately as we move towards challenge #400.  Now that our Spring is leveling out a bit, we will post an update on that in the next few days.  Everyone keep on signing up and battling Gym Leaders as they are available.  We are trying to update each of the decks as we get time so that we can show some of our younger/newer players mechanics from the most recent sets.    Check back in a few days for an update on our challenges.  Check out our selection of Roaring Skies and other sets at our Dark Moon Cards and Games link on the right.  See you at the Gym.


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