Congratulations Eric, v3.0!

...almost there....

…almost there….

The majority of the larger organized pokemon events are completed for the 2014-15 season, save the last 2…  the National and World Championships (remember that Play!Pokemon seasons basically run from World Championships to World Championships, or August to August).  With most of the season behind us, we hope to be able to get back into a groove at the Gym, meaning having everyone ready for challenges, with VG teams and TCG decks ready, as well as being able to post here a little more often.  We are working on our update for Gym Challenges, but we want to double-check our numbers before we post them.  We’ve still managed to work in a few over the last weeks.  This past Sunday at the Gym, we fielded 1 TCG and 1 VG challenge.  Both were learning experiences, 1 for the challenger and 1 for the leader.

Gym Leader Joel took on a challenge against the Grass-type deck, which has been under fire frequently over the last few months.  Sunday’s challenger was Dillon H, making his 1st attempt against a leader at the Gym.  Dillon recently attended our “learn-to-play” 4 week session at Breckenridge Elementary where he immediately demonstrated the necessary mindset to be good at this game.  pitUnfortunately for Dillon, he drew the Galvantula starter deck (in a starter deck vs starter deck format), which took a beating against all the Fighting-type decks there.  Nonetheless, he has taken to the game quickly.  Like most new players, he brought a deck that was a little heavy on pokemon and light on trainer cards, which slowed it down too much to beat the Gym Leader’s Virizion/Genesect deck.  However, Dillon put up a good fight against a time-tested deck.  A little work and Dillon will join the “Wall of Fame” in no time.

While the Grass deck is one of the longest running decks the Modified format, Gym Leader Marthe’s Lightning VG team cannot boast the same claim.  We were putting the finishing touches on her team at the beginning of league on Sunday.  Probably not the ideal scenario to face a challenge from our VG guru, Eric A.  Eric, who already holds 2 badges, was ready with a new anti-Lightning type team.  During game 1, Gym Leader Marthe looked to have caught Eric by surprise and got a little luck on her side with a “freeze” and the fast and powerful Landorus-T.  However, she gave away the edge that she may have had by using overheatthe wrong attack from M-Manectric, when an “Overheat” may have swung the match in her favor.  A double KO left her with 1 against Eric’s entire team, which is 95 times out of 100, an un-winnable scenario.  Game 2 was a little less entertaining, as Eric opened by removing Marthe’s chance to “Tailwind” and then followed by out-speeding her team for the remainder of the match.  Eric took the 2nd game and the match, earning his 3rd badge at the Gym.  Great job, Eric!

We will likely wait until Sunday evening to post our gym challenge update, as we want to post about out Fincastle VG event this coming Sunday at the Gym.  Check back soon.  Until then, see you at the Gym!


VG Gym Badges Earned (aka, The Wall of Fame v2.0):

  • Eric A – Fire, Dragon, Lightning
  • Hunter H – Lightning

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