5/17 VG Results and Congratulations x2!

yakTo say that the Fincastle Gym was a little busy on Sunday is kinda like saying that a yak is a little fuzzy.  We opened the day early with a VG Premier Challenge that drew in players from as far away as West Virginia and Lexington.  We had 20 video game players in at the tournament, followed by a full house at league.  Over the course of league time, we fielded 6 Gym Leader Challenges, 4 VG and 2 TCG.  Two trainers walked away with badges when it was all said and done.  We’ll get to that in a minute.  Let’s look at the video game results first.

Gym Leader Georgia wrapped up an easy day in the Junior division, claiming 1st place, followed by Tommy M in 2nd place. The Senior division was much tighter, but unfortunately was 1 player shy of the number required for a top cut round.  Joseph C finished as the only undefeated player after the swiss rounds, giving him the 1st place finish.  2nd – 4th place came down to tie-breakers among a group 1 loss players.  Once TOM (the tournament organizing program) did its magic, it placed Christopher I in 2nd, Daniel E in 3rd and Gym Leader Logan in 4th.  Like the top 2 in Juniors, the top 4 earned Championship points.

Not to be outdone by the Senior division, the Master division turned in the most exciting battles of the day by far.  Masters played 4 rounds of swiss with a top cut of 4.  The Gym’s elite trainer Eric A finished the swiss rounds as the only eshopundefeated player.  He was followed into top cut a pair of 1 loss players, the Gym’s long-missing, but back again trainer, Chad B (the player most likely to challenge Eric as the top VG trainer at the Gym) and Matthew B.   Like the Seniors, TOM had to settle who would claim the 4th spot.  Lee S edged out 3 other 2 loss players to claim the 4th spot.  A potential Eric vs Chad final was in place as Eric faced off against Lee and Chad battled Matthew in the 1st round of top cut.  However, the match-up of the Gym’s top 2 trainers will have to wait for another day, as both Matthew and Lee pulled off the upsets andtumbl secure a place in the finals.  Matthew and Lee split games in the final match, forcing a 3rd game, which Lee won by the narrowest of margins.  Lee claimed a Nintendo E-shop gift card for the 1st place finish.  Several other players claimed some nice door prizes, including Pikachu lanyards, custom DS skins and a Mewtwo tumbler from the Pokemon Center store.  Great job to everyone in all 3 divisions.

The close of the tournament barely marked the halfway point of Sunday’s events, as we transitioned into a very busy league session.  Gym Leader Joel fielded challenges against his Grass-type deck, Fighting-type deck and Water VG team.  Dillon H came after the Grass deck again, falling in the 1st game and then having to exit the match before it could be completed (to be continued at the next meeting).  Jaelynn L got a unique chance in her battle against Joel’s Fighting-type beardssdeck by getting to pick her poison, so to speak, by choosing which deck she faced.  She chose the Gym Leader’s Tyrantrum deck, a quirky, yet hard-hitting deck (to be featured here soon).  Unfortunately for Jaelynn, the crazy amount of Fighting-type support allowed for Joel to set up Tyrantrum‘s hitting for 200+ damage in both games.  She played well, but what can you do against a T-rex with a cool, hippie beard?

On the VG side, Gym Leader’s Joel and Dean both successfully defended their badges.  Dean turned away Owen F in his 2nd attempt against his Grass-type team.  Likewise, Joel defeated Ryan F in straight games with his Water team.  Both challengers are on the right track with their teams.  Hopefully a little advice from the Gym Leader will help Owen and Ryan round out a little more balanced team and get them on their way to their 1st gym badges.

dakEric A, following his strong day in the VG tournament, came after another Gym Leader.  This time he came for Gym Leader Logan’s Darkness-type team.  Logan pulled out all the tricks that his team had to offer, but Eric again proved to be too crafty for the leader, especially knowing how to exploit the type restraints of the Gym team.  Eric’s tough to beat with the team of your choice.  That challenge increases exponentially when he has weakness on his side.  Eric defeated the gym leader in straight games to claim his 4th badge at the Gym.  Great job, Eric!

In our other challenge of the day, Hunter H defeated Gym Leader Dean’s Grass VG team.  With everything going on, I was unable to get details on Logan/Eric’s match or on this one.  We think that Hunter won this one in straight games as well.  Either way, great job to Hunter on winning his 2nd VG badge!

That wraps up a very fun and busy day at the Gym.  Keep signing up for challenges, as we anxiously await our next battles for badges.  Thanks to all who came out for the VG tournament.  Until next Sunday, see you at the Gym!

VG Gym Badges Earned (aka, The Wall of Fame v2.0):

  • Eric A – Fire, Dragon, Lightning, Darkness
  • Hunter H – Lightning, Grass




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