Congratulations Chad and Hunter!

calmThe Fincastle Gym is enjoying the calm in between storms, so to speak.  We are through the hectic tournament season.  Nothing remains buts the National Championships in July, followed by the World Championships in August. Whether any of the Gym Leaders will attend Worlds will depend completely on how they fare at Nats.  Despite not being able to devote much time to the TCG this season, both Georgia and Logan are only a few points away from invitations to Worlds.  Georgia sits 36 points away from an invite. Gym Leader Logan is only 50 points away.  Both players seemed to be in position to wrap up invites at the last States.  Georgia made the top 8 cut despite a group danceof dance-mom dad’s having the top 3 Juniors tables all ID (intentionally draw) their last round, but lost in the 1st round of top cut.  She earned no points because of the attendance numbers at the event.  We still don’t understand the reasoning of how a player can make cut at an event like States and still get no points.  Likewise, Logan’s only loss on the day came from one of our own, which caused him to miss the top cut by tie-breakers. The new point structure unfortunately has made people a little point crazy.  At any rate, until Nats gets a little closer, we can all relax and just enjoy league.

Speaking of league, our new group of video game gym leaders have been getting a workout.  Building single type video game teams has proved to be an effective tool in helping our younger players see how VG teams work together and demonstrating weakness/resistance.  However, against our older players that beatingknow the VG, the gym leader teams have been punching bags.  We’ve been able to eeek out a few successful defenses, but have not been able to turn away our top VG trainers.  Well, Sunday at the Gym, the beatings continued.

First up on Sunday was Chad B, taking on Gym Leader Dean and his Psychic-type team.  The only reason that Chad does not have multiple badges at the moment is that he was on a “sabbatical” from league for a little while.  Chad is the Gym’s original “top trainer”.  In his absence, Eric A began attending and has since run through the Gym Leaders so far.  Eric can definitely make a case for claiming that top spot at our league.  That’s one of those debates that is best settled “on the field”.  The Gym is just thrilled to have 2 trainers at that skill level in the VG attending our league at the same time.

In this his 1st challenge, Chad set the tone for what will likely be the case in future challenges.  Chad swept game 1 against Gym Leader Dean, using a powerful 1-2 punch from his Landorus-T and Greninja.  Game 2 pretty much went down the same road, as he again swept the field, having to switch out once to avoid a KO along the way.  The Psychic badge is Chad’s 1st at the Gym.  He becomes only the 3rd different trainer to defeat a leader so far at the Gym.  We’re glad to have Chad back and look forward to future beating from him.  Great job, Chad!

Hunter H continued his pursuit of multiple badges on the VG front, this time against the Water-type leader, Gym Leader Joel.  Joel took an early lead in game 1, getting KO’s on a Conkeldurr and Cresilia.  However, in doing so, Joel gave Hunter the opportunity to pull off a “Dragon Dance” on Mega Gyarados.  The attack and speed boost gained gave Hunter the advantage for the remainder of the game, as Mega Gyarados ran over the rest of Joel’s team.  In game 2, Joel again took the early advantage, knocking out an Amoongus before it could do any damage.  A wrong prediction on turn 3 against a Serperior using “Protect” fableswung the game back towards Hunter, as Joel tried to double attack it, for no damage.  Joel would go on to KO Conkeldurr and Serperior, leaving him with a W-Rotom and Greninja to face Hunter’s Clefable.  However, while Joel was grinding away at the rest of Hunter’s team, Hunter used multiple “Minimize” and “Cosmic Power” moves, raising its evasiveness and defenses to ridiculous levels.  Joel’s 2-1 advantage was nullified, as he missed multiple attacks, allowing Hunter to close out the game and the match with his lone Clefable.  Pretty exciting for a VG match!  The Water-type badge is Hunter’s 3rd VG badge at the Gym.  Great job, Hunter!

We should have a full house again this week at the Gym.  So, if anyone is interested in challenging a Gym Leader, make sure you are signed up (if you’ve played enough games to do so) and that you lets us know early so that we can be sure we have time to do the challenge.  See you this Sunday at the Gym!

VG Gym Badges Earned (aka, The Wall of Fame v2.0):

  • Eric A – Fire, Dragon, Lightning, Darkness, Steel
  • Hunter H – Lightning, Grass, Water
  • Chad B – Psychic



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