We’ll Be Back Soon!

termThe Fincastle Pokemon Gym got just a wee bit busy in the weeks leading up to the National Championships.  Not only were we trying to prepare for the tournament, but we also were organizing our stuff for our 1st ever trip to Japan.  We have a lot to catch up on, including our trip to Nats, the decks that we played, our ensuing trip to Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, upcoming events and details on some Pokemon TCG items straight from the Pokemon Centers in Japan that will go up soon on Dark Moon Cards and Games.  Also not to be forgotten are 2 league trainers that earned VG gym badges at our last meeting before Nationals (details & props coming soon).  Just as a reminder, there is no league this Sunday, 7/12/15.  We’ll be back at our normal time on the following Sunday, 7/19/15.  Thanks for checking in, we’ll get some updates on all of the above by the end of this coming week.  See you soon at the Gym!


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