Congratulations Eric, v7.0!

bobbDuring the summer months, you really never know what you gonna get when league rolls around on Sunday.  With vacations, camps and summer sports, our attendance fluctuates from anywhere between 6 or 7 players to 30 players.  We had a pretty full house today at the Gym, which is how we like it.  The Gym Leaders, like many of our trainers, are looking ahead to the next set and the format beyond the September 1st rotation.  Today we saw a lot of testing out a format without staples like “N”, “Laser/Bank”, ACESPEC’s and “Float Stone”, as well as pokemon like Garbodor, Mewtwo EX, Donphan and others.  However, with all of those changes in the TCG on the horizon, the VG side of the Gym was business as usual.  Lately for the Gym Leaders, that business has been trying to hold off the onslaught of very talented trainers who have been taking badges from us left and right.

Today, Eric A, who has already claimed 6 of the 9 gym badges, sought his 7th against the Psychic/Ghost-type leader, Dean.  For the Gym Leaders, a side effect of the barrage of strong trainers seeking our badges is that they are forcing us to rethink our teams and come up with stronger combos.  That fact was illustrated today a Gym Leader Dean positioned himself to be the 1st leader to turn Eric away. chimpIn the opening game, Gym Leader Dean opened by throwing special conditions at Eric’s Landorus-T and Mega Kangaskhan like a drunken Irishman throwing darts in a pub (hey, I could’ve said “like a chimp flinging poop at a zookeeper”).  This strategy proved very effective, causing Eric’s strong attackers to take “burn” damage and “confusion” hits, meanwhile allowing Dean to take over and dominate game 1.  Dean opened with basically the same strategy, as did Eric in the 2nd game.  However, curiously, Dean’s team missed with the move “Will-O-Wisp” (85% accuracy) 3 times in a row, as the game unfolded.  Despite suffering 3 turns of lost/wasted attacks, Gym Leader Dean grabbed what looked to be the edge in a very good, back-and-forth game, as his Mega-Gardevoir and Golurk stared down Eric’s lone Bisharp.  However, Eric is as good as we’ve seen at playing the numbers and going with the high percentage predictions.  Eric chimp2correctly predicted an “Earthquake” from Dean’s Golurk and used “Protect”, preserving his Bisharp, while Dean’s Gardevoir fainted from the damage, evening the game back up.  Eric’s Bisharp moved 1st on the next turn, KO’ing Dean’s Golurk and saving Eric from the edge of defeat. It would seem impossible for the match to get any better than it already was as the 2 squared off for game 3.  And well, that was pretty much the case.

Gym Leader Dean turned to his #5 and #6 team members in an attempt to catch Eric off guard.  However, it appears that Eric predicted that correctly as well.  Eric jumped out to a quick lead in game 3 and never looked back.  Eric took the game and the match, surviving a pretty good scare along the way.  The win earns Eric the Psychic-type VG gym badge, his 7th at the Gym.  Great job, Eric!  2 more to go, and then the “Final Four” will be waiting for him. anct

This in an exciting time of the year, as another new set is almost here.  XY – Ancient Origins will go on sale on August 12, 2015.  The Gym will host pre-releases both here and in North Carolina on the weekends of August 1st-2nd and 8th-9th.  Check our upcoming events tab for details on all of the events.  Also, this week we will bring you a series of deck articles that will look at the decks the gym leaders played at Nats, as well as some fun ones from Gym Leader Joel’s personal stash.  Check back soon.  Until then, see you at the Gym!

VG Gym Badges Earned (aka, The Wall of Fame v2.0):

  • Eric A – Fire, Dragon, Lightning, Darkness, Steel, Water, Psychic
  • Hunter H – Lightning, Grass, Water, Fire
  • Chad B – Psychic

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