Fincastle Gym Deck Spotlight #4: The Batmobile

bat10Today we will continue our look at some of the Fincastle Gym’s decks from our online collection.  Holy Showcase, Batman, what do we look at now?  Many of these decks, including today’s “Batmobile”, were towards the top of our chart of decks that we were considering for either/or Nationals and Worlds.  Most of these would be completely irrelevant, as the core of several of these decks will rotate out as of September 1st, if not for the recent announcement about the 2015-16 tournament format.  We’ve mentioned here before, but just to state it once for anyone who may have missed it… all of the Regional Championship TCG events will use the Extended Format (Black & White-On), rather than the Standard Format (XY-On), for both days of those tournaments.  That makes everything that most of you have relevant, as that keeps a huge card-base available for those events.  That includes everything we’ve showcased here (many of which are fun decks) over the last 3 years, as we did not post any deck articles prior to the Black & White era.  At any rate, on to the deck… or should I say, “To the Batcave!”

bat5We at the Gym love speed.  At amusement parks, we head to the fastest roller-coaster in the park 1st.  We love fast cars.  Heck, we probably speed on our lawnmowers when we mow (Holy Whiplash, Batman).  When we put together an idea for a new Mewtwo EXdeck, that is where we are the most critical as we test it.  “It’s not fast enough…” is the phrase we utter more than any other.  We built the “Batmobile” as soon as Phantom Forces came out, but struggled to get a build that we liked put together.  We tinkered with this idea off and on, changing Supporter and Item counts and lines so often that we ended up saving multiple versions of the deck in the PTCGO.

As Nationals approached, we started to shift towards other decks, as oddly enough, the 2nd turn, 180 damage output (the goal of the deck from its inception) bat3did not seem like enough.  Holy Miscalculations, Batman!  Of the decks we expected to see, Mewtwo EX would rarely hit an opponent for weakness, but risked 1-hits from Rayquaza EX and “Night March”, which was the main reason we shifted away from the deck.  Our only wish is that there were more of us, so we could take more of thesebat9 decks to tournaments and see how they fared.  It’s been long enough, that Gym Leader Joel doesn’t remember which version online was the best version of “Batmobile” (Holy Memory Loss, Batman), but he’s pretty sure it’s this one.  This version includes a Shaymin EX and a collection of Item cards aimed at getting you a big 1st turn, hopefully paving the way for a quick win.  So shake up your shark repellant and take a look:

The Batmobile:

  • 4 – Mewtwo EX (NXD54 & 98, BW45, LTR54)
  • 4 – Zubat (PLS 53)
  • 4 – Golbat (PHF 32)
  • 3 – Crobat (PHF 33)
  • 1 – Shaymin EX (ROS 77 & 108)


  • 2 – Ultra Ball
  • 1 – Repeat Ball
  • 1 – ACESPEC Scoop Up Cyclone
  • 1 – Escape Rope
  • 3 – Trainers’ Mail
  • 1 – Energy Retrieval
  • 4 – Acro Bike
  • 4 – VS Seeker
  • 3 – N
  • 2 – Professor Juniper
  • 1 – AZ
  • 2 – Lysandre
  • 1 – Colress
  • 4 – Dimension Valley
  • 3 – Muscle band


  • 3 – Mystery Energy
  • 8 – Psychic Energy


bat8Mewtwo EX (M2 from here on, for brevity’s sake) seems like it’s been around about as long as Adam West (if I have to explain who that is to you, then, sorry, you are dead to us).  Since M2 entered the format, it’s been all about the “X-Ball”.  Once in a blue moon, you might hear someone announce the attack, “Psydrive”, but bat7chances are, few players have seen that attack get any use.  Well, the strategy of “Batmobile” is centered around that attack.  “Psydrive”, for 120 damage (140 with a “Muscle Band”), plus damage from the Crobat line gets you to 180 damage in a hurry (“drive” + “bats” = Batmobile….. with me now?).  Holy Finishing-touches, Batman!

The over-sized rocket turbine down the center of this Batmobile is the stadium card, “Dimension Valley”.  Think about what that does for M2 for a minute.  You can “X-Ball” anything in “Night March” for 1 basic psychic energy (w/“Band” bat1attached).  The big attack, “Psydrive”, only costs 2 basic psychic energy, with the secondary effect of having to discard 1.  At 1st that whole discarding an energy part probably doesn’t seem that great.  However, what it does, in addition to the obvious, quick damage, is free M2 from a revenge KO, as opposing M2 usually depend on a “Double Colorless” energy to attack.  That “DCE”, plus your remaining basic energy card, only returns 120 damage from an opponent’s M2 (160 w/ a “Band), which can keep you alive, baring other support like “Bats” or “Lasers” from their side.  It also allows you to “Lysandre” an opposing M2 that has no energy attached and knock it out.  You will find as bat11you play that you don’t have to use “Psydrive” every turn, as you can often get the damage needed with “X-Ball”.  We did include a few “Mystery Energy” in our list, as they give M2 a free retreat cost.  However, the “Batmobile” seems to run just fine with basic energy only, so that part is completely up to who’s driving.

htranWith no support at all from your supply of “Bats”, the quick 140 damage KO’s the likes of Donphan, Shaymin EX  or any other 140 HP-or-less targets that you encounter.  In match-ups like these, you are free to use the Crobat line to pick off other targets.  Unfortunately for M2, you do have to waste “Bat” damage against an opposing 130 HP Heatran (popular in most current Steel lists) thanks to that rascal’s Psychic-type resistance (learned that one the hard way in the finals of an online tourney).

Speaking of online tournaments and such, between the 3 different versions of “Batmobile”, we have amassed 45 wins and 16 losses with this deck online, as we’ve obviously played it a lot.  Most of the losses online have come against “Night March”, Rayquaza EX and Flareon variants.  In 2 of those match-ups, bat6the EX vs non-EX trade is usually where it falls short.  We started beating Rayquaza EX decks with “Batmobile” once we figured out that, to win, you have to leave Mega Rayquaza alone.  Instead, use M2 and “Lysandre” to KO Shaymin EX twice and “Bats” to pick off the likes of Exeggcute, Swablu, Bronzor and Vulpix (or their evolutions if you can’t get them quick enough).  The Rayquaza match-up is a tough one any way you cut it.  We like the deck because it has tested well against other popular decks, like Landorus EX and Seismitoad EX.

What does the future hold for the dynamic duo and their tricked out 1955 Lincoln Futura?  That’s tough to say at the moment.  The deck’s consistent damage output is hard to ignore.  However, Mega EX’s keep on getting huge amounts of HP and attacks that are off the chart compared to when Mewtwo EX entered the TCG.  We do know that Japanese players will soon be receiving a new Mewtwo EX and Mega Mewtwo EX, which likely means that we will see those cards here sometime this winter.  Not knowing what exactly they do yet, makes any bat2predictions premature.  However, the engine that drives this “Batmobile” may translate nicely to future Mega versions.  The new M2’s will surely be weak to Psychic-types, so this version may provide a nice counter to the Mega in Extended Format events.

The Expanded Format, which will provide all sorts of options for decks, will teach players one thing for sure…. respect for the classics.   Join us this afternoon in Fincastle for our Ancient Origins pre-release.  We’ll try to squeeze in 1 more deck article before Worlds gets here.  Until then, see you at the Gym!


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