Fincastle Prerelease Friday, 10/30. Have you made your costume yet!?!

Fincastle Pokemon’s next Prerelease is happening on FrXY8_EN_12iday, October 30th – just in time for another great Pokemon Costume Contest!  The newest set XY BREAKthrough introduces a new type of pokemon evolution – BREAK evolution.  Pokemon can add this card atop their Stage 2 level – horizontally.  BREAK evolution adds HP, abilities and attacks, but allows the pokemon to continue to use attacks, retreat, weakness and resistance on the Pokemon below it.

200px-SkylaBoundariesCrossed134Along with this new game mechanic, popular trainers and supporters like Skyla, Judge, Heavy Ball, Float Stone, Fisherman, and Rainbow Energy are reprinted.  This will certainly spice up some current decks, as well as give rise to new opportunities.

This special Friday night prerelease will begin registration at 5:30 PM.  Registration will run until 6:30 PM, and costs $30 per participant.  Players get a total of 8 packs of the new set – before it goes on sale in stores – and play in a fun tournament to test out these new cards and rules.

Plus, players can compete to win prizes in our Pokemon Costume Contest.  You can see some of last year’s ideas in the montage below, but let your creative ideas soar.  Come as your favorite Pokemon, Trainer, Anime Character, or anything else Pokemon-related.  Prize winners in each age division (Juniors, Seniors, Masters) will receive store credit to, good for the purchase of Pokemon singles, accessories, or registration in future events.


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