October Pre-Release Pics

DSCN6389 - CopyThe Fincastle Gym was back to its regular routine today, following 2 weeks of Pre-Release tournaments, VG Premier events and costume contests.  It was a pretty hectic span, which we at the Gym don’t mind at all, as this time of the year is probably our favorite in the Pokemon season.  There are no major tournaments to stress over, no crazy amount of travel back and forth, just a few weeks of fun events.  Play!Pokemon is moving fairly quickly this season into some changes discussed during their summer meetings that will affect upcoming tournaments and league play, and we will get to some of those later this week.  For now, let’s look back at our Halloween events and some of the awesome costumes players put together.

DSCN6353 - CopyOur Friday night event at the Gym was a combination pre-release and costume party.  While the release event saw some good pulls, which ended up looking like a Mewtwo EX convention (10 different Mewtwo cards in this set), the costume contest was where the action was.  From Greninja to Dusknoir, AZ to Birch to the Swimmer trainer, we had it all.  The Gym awarded 1st place in each age group a $10 gift certificate to Dark Moon Cards DSCN6384 - Copyand Games.  The 2nd place winner in each age group took home a $5 gift certificate.  Several lucky trainers took home door-prizes that included plushes and deck boxes.  Our trio of judges ranked our contestants by individual votes and then we tallied it all up to see who won.  Of course, the groovy Xerosic and Ninja Boy (girl) were not eligible, as they were judging.

DSCN6391 - CopyJaelynn L took the top spot in the Junior Division with her classic Misty costume, followed by Kastan M appearing as Greninja.   The Senior division was the most tightly as contested group, as they brought their A-game DSCN6365 - Copyto this costuming showcase.  Iain M claimed 1st place with his amazing Dusknoir getup.  Gym Leader Logan followed closely in 2nd place in his eerily realistic looking AZ, a costume that was slated to go to Gym Leader Joel originally.  However, as Gym Leader Logan is beginning to tower over almost everyone at league, it was only fitting that he step into the role.  Gym Leader Dean grabbed the 1st place spot in the Master Division as DSCN6358 - CopyProfessor Birch.  He was followed by Lisa M as the one and only Pikachu.

Following Friday night’s activities, the Gym traveled to Blacksburg for a VG Premier event at VA Tech.  Gym Leader Noah battled to the finals where he faced off with the renowned Wolfe G.  Noah caught him off guard in the opening DSCN6349 - Copygame and defeated Wolfe in game 1 of the best 2-of-3 match.  However, as is often the case,  once Wolfe saw Noah’s strategy, he made the necessary adjustments to take games 2 & 3 from Noah.  Nonetheless, it was an impressive performance from Noah.

The Gym had costume contests at all of the pre-releases throughout North Carolina.  We’ve compiled some of those photos into the slideshow below.  Take a look at some of the excellent outfits everyone put together.  We at the Gym want to thank all those who came out to participate.  We had a great time and we hope you all did too!  Check back in a day or 2 as we will lay out the details about changes coming to our league.  Until then, see you at the Gym!

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