No League This Sunday, 1/24/16.

nosnowNeedless to say, we could not get out today to get the library key.  While things may clear up a little by tomorrow, we are not anticipating it being clear enough to hold league at the Gym.  Our little corner of Botetourt was hit with over 2 feet of snow and most of western Virginia had at least 1 foot of accumulation.  We have tested it out and it is pretty good sleigh-riding snow, so bundle up and enjoy some time outside.  We should be back on schedule next weekend.  Don’t forget that next weekend, we have an Expanded nottodayLeague Challenge on Friday, 1/29 and our Fincastle BREAKpoint pre-release on Sunday 1/31 starting at 1pm.  So, being unable to bounce outta here, we ain’t gonna be at league, not todayyyyy (or tomorrow, to be more accurate).  See you next weekend at the Gym!


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